Monthly Archives: March 2016

Woulds’t I

Yes I feel emotional I enjoy working well In the garden sawing logs And To myself I tell Little made up ditties That one day I may know That all I ever wanted Out of life was to love her … Continue reading

Marineland’s Orca’s in Antibes

Orca’s in captivity a place where they Should never be SEAWORLD has proved that Every day For SEAWORLDS profit The Orca’s pay With shortened lives And so much stress Sun burn oxide treatments Less Depth, to swim in Its a … Continue reading

Left to their own Resources

It suddenly happened The shit hit the fan Such a big earthquake When most of us ran Up to the high hill The tsunami too Washed into our town Like tsunami’s do Then an explosion Great balls of fire Then … Continue reading


Toxic at any level Lead its ultra bad They took it out of petrol And solder for it had Devastating results On us It also used to be In all paint But it has been taken Out of paint most … Continue reading


The gentry and the loaded The so called upper class The royals and those who know them The nobility who pass as lords and their ladies They can look down on us all The working class the bourgeois The rustic … Continue reading

Sale of elephants to C hina

Ivory orphans or just such unfortunates elephant babies now sold Zimbabwe is selling whats left of its soul For a portion of that Chinese gold Around £40,000 pounds for each baby That is the going rate they Get clearly blood … Continue reading

Temples and elephants

The pachyderms show fortitude and courage In temples their nirvana clearly feels Vacant and symbolic unfounded and just pointless Their patience and their solace soon reveals And outwardness and opportunity To kick the life out of the friendly trainer Who … Continue reading

Del Bigtree Producer

Whistle blowers stand before The fraudulent and shout When all around the populous Expound their share of doubt The corporate and pathological Giants wave their fists As victims suffer badly And the medical world resists Up steps Dr Wakefield An … Continue reading

Ksar el Kbir Morocco

Existence is a precious gift And human beings who Throw garbage in the street As many of them do Attract strays they are hungry And to shoot them as we see Clearly inexperienced shooters Wounding them actually Hearing their dreadful … Continue reading

Cecil’s head

An anti poaching memorial Is to be erected by Zimbabwe Its old Cecil the greatest Lion That there could ever be Palmer cannot get his greasy fingers On the prize And it won’t be hanging on his wall As he … Continue reading