Monthly Archives: December 2015

Entering another world

I cannot for the life of me Keep my eyes from closing Yet I need to see her To fill my heart once more A darkness is now coming in There is no light alas Someone go and fetch her … Continue reading

To everyone

A new year around the corner Who knows where we shall be This time next year who knows No one so lets just see To everyone who knows me Happiness I send Truthfully I love you all And am so … Continue reading

The immature seem to know so much

Having parents that are qualified To assess all situations Living in the wilderness Will see some altercations Packs of wolves and buffalo The carnivores delight Provided there is instinctive knowledge All will end alright But headstrong youth can ruin The … Continue reading

Dead Nugent

All above board A legal hunt All the meat Used no stunt Not from me So he explains The locals love him And his veins Are full of blood Like that poor lion Shot and slaughtered Down the line The … Continue reading

Mother and child and a promise from the gods

Senseless is that really the word to be used here A mother with her baby cut from ear to ear The insanity, the madness mentally they are gone The obsession its inexplicable and unfathomable such a con To gun down … Continue reading

Buddhists who chose arrogance over compassion

Who is this creep? Why does this great soul Put up with his shit Rocking clearly mentally aggrieved And far from fit They talk about their principles Their buddhism and prayer They are a bunch of idiots And their revulsion … Continue reading

The diabolical hunters of Foxes

Thousands of healthy fox hounds Are often killed we hear When they are not as productive Thats if it does appear If they just show a weakness Then they can be clubbed to death Sometimes with loads more life in … Continue reading

The ozone hole and our future

The BP spill impacted poorer areas This Porter Ranch gas leak appears to be A much more affluent area outside Of Los Angeles And its methane even though we cannot see As far as climate goes its eighty times Worse … Continue reading

The redwood city monster

In Redwood City California A monster is on the loose Its hard to imagine a human Other than hanging by a noose Contemplating such an act Of terror on a cat By dying it purple For the express reason To … Continue reading


She looked like any other chicken really But for some reason she didn’t lay eggs now The farmer didn’t want her thought she was a waste of time Really she seemed useless anyhow Her physical condition wasn’t very good Her … Continue reading