Monthly Archives: October 2015

Carers and the hospital parking fiasco

Mr Philip Davies Won his oratory wings In the house he did his bit And we know now what it brings More difficulties for carers Visiting hospital for they Are having to pay a ransom And this is not the … Continue reading


Japan is becoming more of a pariah Every day Its killing methods increasing We are in the end game, pray To the goddess she needs to see this Needs to feel this Needs to be All seeing of this agony … Continue reading

Long term condition

The NHS stay well book Dropped on the mat Get ready for winter So know where you are at Go get a flu jab then sooner you will be Face down on a slab But no one will see In … Continue reading

Perhaps a pear will remind you

How we eat is important For how we eat may be Causing a sweeter future For your best friend actually Bury me under a pear tree That my bones may feed that tree And you may eat a pear or … Continue reading


Some hunters use the word To justify now what they do They talk up conservation But they do not have a clue What they do stemmed from the past When people long ago Were basically hunter gatherers Supplemented with what … Continue reading


The thing that always puzzles me With the carnivores around They eat the standard farmyard souls That once walked on the land Under the warm sunshine And the cooling rain They lived on what they were born to eat And … Continue reading

Dimbo grumparse

Dimbo Grumparse had a long name A very special little animals shell Precisely because he was The biggest pain in all the world And, that was because He had been all things to all people But lately had become Nothing … Continue reading

Its coming to something

Its coming to something when elephants die At the hands of their protectors What a damned lie Employing such bandits These cruel blackguards who Usingj cyanide poisoned the last 22 Before them 40 of all ages were killed And some … Continue reading

Mind you!

I point my sweet Advice at you Those who gave up flesh All through their lives till then may be They were a sick depository And then it dawned on them that they Would try to use another way They … Continue reading

Why be a dick?

Medicines do nothing For a body that is sick And drugs are bloody useless Why are you such a dick? To listen to those white coats Peddler’s of them who Get their kick back quietly And, smile at you too … Continue reading