Monthly Archives: September 2015


Where the geo thermal hotspots burst From the fissures underground Spluttering geysers bask in sunlight And diadems of sound Lots of Steller Sea Eagles Gather for their feast Unbelievable numbers of salmon To become deceased These very handsome dark birds … Continue reading


A gentle boy The family’s pride and joy Our dear T-bone Its a matter of regret to say How much we miss our boy today Samantha and Cody loved him so He was always there As we all know So … Continue reading

Drinking and its complications

The waterhole That is where predation Sees a high It could be Their salvation Its one place they rely Every soul has to drink And as this is the case Those vegetarian animals Can lose more than just face And … Continue reading

Safety when sleeping

Its very clear that the baboons know The importance of sleep and how they show Their courage and expertise getting to where Safety is evident which all can share They climb not up trees but rocks that are sheer The … Continue reading


We know that whatever we do to this land The next generation may not understand I don’t understand so why should they How we in a life time just blew them away Thousands of animals iconic souls We sawed off … Continue reading

Amy Just a few thoughts.

To be out on your own with no one around An unfathomable time in it all, you are drowned There are people around you the parasites who Hang on to your boot straps but what does that do Its like … Continue reading

Lady Liuwa

The Liuwa plains in Zambia Have suffered the predation Not of other animals But man un kind his nation Of hunters poachers, they Proved to me how arrogant they are With their display They have torn away the fabric By … Continue reading

The matador what was it for

The Spanish call it pageantry Culture and the rest As arrogance creeps into the affair Its bound to test The bull without exception The matador of course He feel he has the nobleness The distinction and the force He has … Continue reading

Enter the Cow ( the FEMALE)

There are stages to consider Let us open our eyes and see 10 men dressed in yellow In togetherness they be Manhandle this poor female Pull and tug and strain She doesn’t want to come inside What is there to … Continue reading

The trophy hunters are here too

What is wrong with these arse oles The killing of deer Purely for trophies To hang it is clear They talk about conservation And the need To chop out some animals And this does lead To far better management Well … Continue reading