Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Embassy of Japan

Rain was forecast And did it come Not a bit though we had some Compassion, care,and loving,we All shared the spirit avidly From noon we joined each other there Outside the embassy we did share Masses of banners Whistles and … Continue reading

The ancient one

Arrows tipped with poison Horses, inhalation Death becomes an immediacy And after life sensation Cows and Deers and we ourselves Can ‘t realise the lure The toxic combination That will never be a cure Carpenters use wood for coffins Bark … Continue reading

A journey

For all the pain and anguish For all the stress and strain For all the torment you went through Where arse wipes fell like rain Your love, Your care, Your sweet respect And children from your soul A loneliness, a … Continue reading

Ancestral roots

In the kingdom of the totem Lies the river near the Gade Where the rue and comfrey flourish And a feral cat brigade Sent forth a Viking protege A Maine Coon grouping who Learned their craft In the ancient draught … Continue reading


Storm clouds hover Over clover Wild hares run They run much faster Faster than the speed of Hounds And men’s evil brain Astounds No one The instinctive thrust Is all bound up In blood and lust

A ball of blood

A ball of blood Extracted from the cove Thats in Taiji Hangs over the doorway In the embassy Pods of Risso Dolphins Are driven there to be Sorted out for aqua parks And for slaughter Tragically Paint was thrown on … Continue reading

Bless you lots

You often think Of arse wipe one And all the shit This Kunt has done You took the rap These passed 12 years And have cried a bucket full Of tears Each moment,really on your own And all his shit … Continue reading

Reptilian light forms

Illuminated snakes Are fucking everywhere at night They weave their strange Gyrations Some are red Some are white As powerful as the Day is long As silent as the Night But if they are fucking everywhere At night Where do … Continue reading

A broad besom

The birds were on form this morning But suddenly flew away The wind dropped The songs stopped All became still Just another peaceful Sunday The greyest of skies I see through her eyes the solitary witch Holds my gaze I … Continue reading

For you

With the foresight and transference And true consideration Absorbed and so contemplative And so much concentration A wisdom and a soundness Enlightened and discreet An oracle and mentor Rhapsodic and complete A candour and a sincerity A harmony of sorts … Continue reading