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The slaughterhouse experience if its the last one you have Hathor help you

Having eyes to see having ears to hear the slaughterhouse suggests such fear and the conscious ones who feel great pain as the blood of life pours down the drain     the captive bolt a final jolt poorly done … Continue reading

to the 3 women seated on the giraffe’s back

3 potential, mothers 3 women who feel its right to bow shoot its seems to appeal   to pay a fat sum to some grease ball, who claims to be an organizer of hunts there are flames of hell soon … Continue reading

The rare desert Elephant

The rare desert elephant feels forlorn in many cases wishes he hadn’t been born   creating his tusks have brought him down attracted great evil some have gone to town   on  and our harems promising ill they come with … Continue reading

A Dolphins tale

Let me tell you and hope that you will get my drift for how we do you may know how sensitivity is greater for us than it is for thee   our emotional state may seem extreme and the way … Continue reading

Farewell my love

I thought of you last night darling I did I lay awake, kind of lifting the lid feeling a weakness inside of me and crying my heart out vociferously   I wanted to get up and come and see you … Continue reading

The goddess

The Landscape Goddess sits serene the Tor is her breast the Chalice Hills been her pregnant belly and Wearyall Hill her knee which she’s raised and Stone down  stays still her head at the levels and there she can see … Continue reading

The Killer Whales and captivity

The arrogance that Sea World regurgitates abroad capturing the mighty killer Whales and their reward   is cruelty a lack of understanding a villainy in respect and where does it all lead to let me interject     out of … Continue reading


Massachusetts has come up with a domestic order asbo to be taken out for abusive owners which honestly does go to show the law and people in it are beginning to see the light beginning to  think ahead at last … Continue reading

a story about us told by one of us

  in the wink of an eye though a flea cannot fly we jump too and fro and upwards we go with our resilin force like a  springboard of course we can leap very high which is so often why … Continue reading

Like parasitic worms they go underground

  Its unspeakable stuff but let’s shout it out the heavens must hear it just join in the rout   like parasitic worms they go underground and into depravity that’s what I’ve found   for the brain dead dumbed down … Continue reading

A pink rifle and a dead boar

Canned hunters are an anathema and introducing girls into the killing culture thats how the heart unfurls   using a long a pink rifle gives it a feminine edge but sends out the wrong messages it kind of drives a … Continue reading

Inuka and my mother

I don’t have this coat on for nothing its meant to keep me alive in the coldest of climates minus 50 degrees how else could I survive   but, I am not living in those wretched climes Singapore is my … Continue reading

Why me I did nothing wrong

Hunter man whom I am no fan seeing you standing there with a dead giraffe and a feeble laugh it is really hard to bear   a beautiful earthling in its prime laying all crumpled and sad what is it … Continue reading

We cry out to you all

They tell us they care they tell us its true but we see with our own eyes now what they do   imprison the sensitive sorrowful souls fail to feed them but they know their roles in a shallow pen … Continue reading

Thank you all

I was depressed sad as could be that someone I cared for did this to me we love we are loyal we care we share and truthfully it is hard to bear   but there are people out there like … Continue reading

To Victoria Beckham

With all your money you would think you’d be much more aware and could really see wearing full length fur means you are guilty of torture and killing too   now why would you suddenly forget the cause why unconsciously … Continue reading

He for she

He for she a good idea the problem is we must realise that the powers to be are anything but just   Emma did speak eloquently she had a calming air but the small men in high places sit firmly … Continue reading

the victims lets keep them in our hearts

How many animals cruelty cases do we see  each day hundreds of them all that angst and some pass away   the perpetrators some get charged and others get away but what of the little victims who with their bodies … Continue reading


What really does get to me is Spain’s culpability they are really wicked but its something they can’t see they murder maim and  violate a bull a fellow proud torture it incessantly watched by a baying crowd   graceless they … Continue reading


To look down on an animal as majestic as the bull shows Spain is in a dull light clearly she is full of dumbed down souls with hardened hearts who come out in the street and watch a proud soul … Continue reading


disdainfulness apparent contemptuousness as well a small town shows its credentials directly from Hell crowds of screaming people line the streets and they watch a bull  dragged mercilessly bleeding all the way children then with paint spray cans are discharging … Continue reading

Planned predation

Life is a challenge of that there’s no doubt all of the earthlings know what its about the predators have to eat the victims they know they develop a sense     the weak and the old and the injured … Continue reading

Wildness in the orca world (sent to Seaworld Orlando)

The ocean is alive and has great vastness an immensity and a magnitude beyond anybodys thought patterns its a muchness to admire abundant It is not a concrete pond   all of this is adding to the energy felt by … Continue reading

Taiji and its Dolphins

Dolphins in the water cordoned off are they the pithing tool is forced into their spines thats when we say   the Japanese are cruel the nastiest deaths that ever were perpetrated on the highly intelligent we stir   in … Continue reading

it pains me to say

How hard it is to understand another earthlings pain how they cope with injury the relentlessness again it limits movement sometimes and causes one to be less than energetic which some may never see   humanity and compassion can be … Continue reading


“Milda” was adopted unwanted in a way not loved like she could have been but loyal enough to stay   so many dogs go through this and come out the other side still anything but happy which cannot be denied … Continue reading

2 fighting men

hopelessness that little soul how can he escape from their clutches he despairingly   looks into their eyes hopeful he will see love and in essence some real purity   but then one grabs hold of him and tosses him … Continue reading

Canned thats about it really

Look at him look at his face and his eyes his gut and demeanor and realize   just how ignorant he is how untruthful and vile its all just falsity yes by a mile   and look at the lion … Continue reading

the southern ocean whale sanctuary

  The blackfish were clearly perceptive their realization was there the Japanese whalers typical sailors gave themselves extra despair   arrogant selfish and impatient fools leapt overboard and they tried to swim just where they had been whaling and right … Continue reading

another insensitive bitch

In many ways this crime and it is indeed a crime a women throws her pet dog down a trash compactor Slime! nothing less than a most inhuman thing to ever do and out of the end an animals crushed … Continue reading