Monthly Archives: July 2014

Horses used in Bullfighting

The obvious lack of humility here the complete resignation of horses, their fear by covering their ears with thick vaseline I’m telling no lies this is just obscene   what its about scarred beyond reason and now in no doubt … Continue reading

A sitting duck

A sitting duck thats what she feels in her home what that reveals is Israeli bombs are raining down on where she lives in Gaza town   there’s no where to go no place to hide if you try to … Continue reading

Pins needles and fur

Shenyang a place in China where animals are used for fur living breathing animals well at least they were   until you wanted a fur coat a fur stole or a bag till you wanted a collar a cuff some … Continue reading

The psychopaths are taking over

40 years ago one Michio Kushi told us, we should worry not of Cancer but arrogance, for to be clear I never understood but now its very clear and Ted Nugent and his philosophy is only about  fear   he’s … Continue reading

To clone or not to clone that is the question

The word that springs to mind in all of this is arrogance its science born again its a rashness and a glance back into the history and forward into where the vision of more profit stems from being less aware … Continue reading

The last thoughts of the condemned

The hopelessness and despondency is locked away inside of thee the pessimism and despair of knowingly just standing there   the unpropitious the inauspicious timing as your led along through dark chambers and evil hallways where the blood now does … Continue reading

This is fracking well out of hand

There’s a madness, and  an insanity but very little humility for people and their rights to be resigned to humbling travesty self effacing crushed and dashed chastened till with spirits crashed they just fall forward and exclaim mortified and drawing … Continue reading

Kirara (captive Pacific white sided Dolphin)

Born in Kamogawa SeaWorld in Japan from wild parents this Pacific Dolphin forms a plan to ship him into Texas SeaWorld Antonio 22 hours transit time in a small crate as we know   the stress will be fantastic a … Continue reading

Who really are the sheeple

Cambridge University spawn evil sick design carried out on the innocent the sheep souls that entwine humanity with a reason to contemplate and to be lost in utter ugliness in what is eternity   it is carried undercover in a … Continue reading

The Danish Navy will maintain the spectacle for all to enjoy

The bloodbath will happen the pitilessness intolerance follows rigour and stress   hardness of heart relentlessness too their pound of flesh is what they must do   each so unfeeling merciless yobs vindictive and callous our lives each robs   … Continue reading