Monthly Archives: March 2014

Taiji and our protests

Peter’s film exposes the truth about Taiji the voices of protestors ring out incessantly   all that heart and breath the echoes of the soul watching the Taiji fisherman exerting their control   pushing those vile rods into the dolphins … Continue reading

The Canine Tribe

Of all  of the animals now on this planet the dogs seem to be the most hated of all   stories are surfacing almost every second where torture and mayhem and evil now rule   I have written more than … Continue reading


The kings of the jungle magnificent animals have reached a level of interest from some who will shoot them and kill them for financial gain a cash cow in fact and the hum of a truck full of poachers the … Continue reading

Lets blow up some pigs

what would be a good idea is the danish bacon training leaving pigs in body armour it will soon be raining bits of pigs I guess thats so explosive left nearby remotely detonated No it can’t be t blown sky … Continue reading

Australian Live exports to the Middle East

A mob, of vile despicable louts disdainful paltry souls set to work to torture and murder cows, their roles totally disrespectful, of any  creatures right contemptible behaviour and all of this in spite     of a clearly frightened being … Continue reading

Fracking gets to us all

Fracking is the pebble in the pond whose consequences do spread out into everybody’s conscience and into their very soul the suffering is on the grandest scale the prophets of a bygone age they seriously derail cut into our very … Continue reading

I bore witness

I had one friend and there she is one dear friend was she she was manhandled by some goons and she looked up at me   I was standing over her slightly to the left when they took a rather … Continue reading

GMO Corn stick it up says China you can decide where

China she has made it clear stick your GM Corn where it hurts we do not want it Fcuk me we were born long before you clearly and Monsanto they can run and take a jump whereever whereever there’s no … Continue reading

ALF the front line

  Ontario the northern climes with  its great expanse on show tis there the hunters ply their vileness as so many know   and there too where the soldiers the front line activists get out in the wilderness with action … Continue reading

The low flying witches

What courage what tenacity those russian girls pursued pilots like no others a young and fearless brood   who bombed the german cities conducting sortees they had stamina and chivalry and were mindful all the way   Russian women surely … Continue reading