Monthly Archives: March 2014

Rebecca Francis the camouflage queen

there she  stands on the corpse today no respect for the dead that is her way out there full of herself  so we hear but grateful really of that she  is clear its been a blessing of praise and of … Continue reading

Barton moss a fracking game

We can see you they can see you everyone can see you paid zombies for the fracking mob the energy wasters that will lob   methane and  chemicals every where over your families too so beware just because its a … Continue reading

The Bison and his in built fear of man who has never really been kind to him

How sad this is it shows us the great Bison who runs along our roads he dare not wait for man has guns and weaponry and a spitefulness abroad and the Bison do pick up on this with all its … Continue reading

Satanic rites and our animal victims

Infernal hell an abysmal use of the black arts which does spawn an evil so demonic that Satan with his horn would find his tears and wonder what shameful acts some play to experiment on a dog and cats with … Continue reading

Heartless Harvey Nicholls

A blue sky created that grand panorama spectacular London and the coming drama 20 or so souls angels who came with their megaphones whilstles  and voices  to claim they came to inform they came to explain what animals go through … Continue reading

The wild one’s ( the servals and the savannahs) and man’s interference

*his poem I dedicate to my greatest friend Claudia Ferri she is my inspiration and my mentor in all things wonderful*   Its was never the dream of the feline brigade to cross over into the realm to imagine that … Continue reading

Torn’ a Sunder

14 years, for 14 years a long long time to be left in utter loneliness oh! if I could  just be free instead they leave me shackled my legs so sore with woe with so much torment  and so much … Continue reading


The retort from Japan on the issue of Taiji and the Dolphins is clear they have the resolve to continue murdering and all the fear   if its  resolve then we are up to the task Piccadilly ‘s going to … Continue reading

for the opulent few what can we do

the opulent few enriched with the power the flash of the cameras hour upon hour overpaid zombies devoid of emotion a numbness of thought their only devotion   how they appear to their fans on the street to the paparazzo … Continue reading

The slaughterhouse blues

Yes I stand here watching as one of my kind hangs, she was a friend of mine in the CAFO shed where we both did see   untold torture happening where both of us took heed we knew  we’d reached … Continue reading