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Rebecca Francis the camouflage queen

there she  stands on the corpse today no respect for the dead that is her way out there full of herself  so we hear but grateful really of that she  is clear its been a blessing of praise and of … Continue reading

Barton moss a fracking game

We can see you they can see you everyone can see you paid zombies for the fracking mob the energy wasters that will lob   methane and  chemicals every where over your families too so beware just because its a … Continue reading

The Bison and his in built fear of man who has never really been kind to him

How sad this is it shows us the great Bison who runs along our roads he dare not wait for man has guns and weaponry and a spitefulness abroad and the Bison do pick up on this with all its … Continue reading

Satanic rites and our animal victims

Infernal hell an abysmal use of the black arts which does spawn an evil so demonic that Satan with his horn would find his tears and wonder what shameful acts some play to experiment on a dog and cats with … Continue reading

Heartless Harvey Nicholls

A blue sky created that grand panorama spectacular London and the coming drama 20 or so souls angels who came with their megaphones whilstles  and voices  to claim they came to inform they came to explain what animals go through … Continue reading

The wild one’s ( the servals and the savannahs) and man’s interference

*his poem I dedicate to my greatest friend Claudia Ferri she is my inspiration and my mentor in all things wonderful*   Its was never the dream of the feline brigade to cross over into the realm to imagine that … Continue reading

Torn’ a Sunder

14 years, for 14 years a long long time to be left in utter loneliness oh! if I could  just be free instead they leave me shackled my legs so sore with woe with so much torment  and so much … Continue reading


The retort from Japan on the issue of Taiji and the Dolphins is clear they have the resolve to continue murdering and all the fear   if its  resolve then we are up to the task Piccadilly ‘s going to … Continue reading

for the opulent few what can we do

the opulent few enriched with the power the flash of the cameras hour upon hour overpaid zombies devoid of emotion a numbness of thought their only devotion   how they appear to their fans on the street to the paparazzo … Continue reading

The slaughterhouse blues

Yes I stand here watching as one of my kind hangs, she was a friend of mine in the CAFO shed where we both did see   untold torture happening where both of us took heed we knew  we’d reached … Continue reading

Taiji and our protests

Peter’s film exposes the truth about Taiji the voices of protestors ring out incessantly   all that heart and breath the echoes of the soul watching the Taiji fisherman exerting their control   pushing those vile rods into the dolphins … Continue reading

The Canine Tribe

Of all  of the animals now on this planet the dogs seem to be the most hated of all   stories are surfacing almost every second where torture and mayhem and evil now rule   I have written more than … Continue reading


The kings of the jungle magnificent animals have reached a level of interest from some who will shoot them and kill them for financial gain a cash cow in fact and the hum of a truck full of poachers the … Continue reading

Lets blow up some pigs

what would be a good idea is the danish bacon training leaving pigs in body armour it will soon be raining bits of pigs I guess thats so explosive left nearby remotely detonated No it can’t be t blown sky … Continue reading

Australian Live exports to the Middle East

A mob, of vile despicable louts disdainful paltry souls set to work to torture and murder cows, their roles totally disrespectful, of any  creatures right contemptible behaviour and all of this in spite     of a clearly frightened being … Continue reading

Fracking gets to us all

Fracking is the pebble in the pond whose consequences do spread out into everybody’s conscience and into their very soul the suffering is on the grandest scale the prophets of a bygone age they seriously derail cut into our very … Continue reading

I bore witness

I had one friend and there she is one dear friend was she she was manhandled by some goons and she looked up at me   I was standing over her slightly to the left when they took a rather … Continue reading

GMO Corn stick it up says China you can decide where

China she has made it clear stick your GM Corn where it hurts we do not want it Fcuk me we were born long before you clearly and Monsanto they can run and take a jump whereever whereever there’s no … Continue reading

ALF the front line

  Ontario the northern climes with  its great expanse on show tis there the hunters ply their vileness as so many know   and there too where the soldiers the front line activists get out in the wilderness with action … Continue reading

The low flying witches

What courage what tenacity those russian girls pursued pilots like no others a young and fearless brood   who bombed the german cities conducting sortees they had stamina and chivalry and were mindful all the way   Russian women surely … Continue reading

Dolphins and their rights broken in Egypt

it is clear that being captives a lack of understanding exists between the human tribe which is seen as so demanding   to the wild creatacean creatures who exist and do perform to the idle expectations and will try I … Continue reading

Copenhagen zoo is at it again

4 more victims hit the dust the Danes have clearly felt the thrust   Marius killed and now these 4 what was creation ever for   its arrogance on a massive scale really decisions off the rail they have power … Continue reading

Father and son

it is hard to get one’s head around it all a father and son kind of did over rule decency truthfully committing their sin of torturing animals out of their skin   having the thought just to do this to … Continue reading

Direct message to Mr Wan CEO E mailed to Harvey Nicholls knightsbridge

So Mr Wan I speak Chinese too I stand outside, your store and what I do is join with the activists hoping all through you realize that fur garments do not help you     of course its the skin … Continue reading

Front line action

3 cheers for the activists that have  created wonderful demo’s and should feel elated   stood in the cold in the sunshine and made their point to the people with their hearts and soul paid   social  networking’s good but … Continue reading

Just a few more hours but they couldn’t wait

The milk of human kindness its not what I can see how to get that milk moustache the precious calves cut free mummy she was pregnant carried the babies so we can drink her precious milk oh sorry didn’t you … Continue reading

Front line stuff in Knightsbridge message to Harvey Nicholls

Standing on the pavement outside your great store watching  your security men open and shut the door   I have got my megaphone Robert’s here with me we have got our banners up its how it has to be   … Continue reading

Fur and those who wear it

Standing on the pavement in front of  Harvey Nicholls I had the chance to scrutinize those ladies wearing fur many slim and pretty but terribly ugly trying to look animated who of you concur?     they will not take … Continue reading

Who’d want to be a chicken working for TYSON FOODS

Its brutal Tyson invented it they,sped up my life so they could make more profit thats their business profits all the way   us chickens do not have a say about our share of life its based on corporate profit … Continue reading

A bloody tail and the Science of Japan

      A bloody tail of cruelty of lies, of science they the Japanese lie through their teeth and our whale friends always pay Sea Shepherd has great courage and its tested every year its sails into the Southern … Continue reading