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The islands of Blood

The Faroe Islands sure these people are quite ignorant they forget these pilot whales are full of mercury they pay a high price in their polluted state to then be murdered by ignorant Faroe Islanders who like their fresh whale … Continue reading

I am still thinking about that poor Elephant

What men do women should avoid Hunters yea in celluloid you might wear the trousers but copying those evil bastards looks so bad in prose Trappers Skinners Hunters, who canned hunting trophies never chew the flesh like hunters who would … Continue reading

A dead Elephant and 3 apparently happy women( and one incredibly sad poet)

When women sink up to their eyes in the blood of wild ones it mystifies the poet who had always thought the maternal instinct could not be bought how can a women act this way to get inside their souls … Continue reading

The great Barrier reef (its beyond belief to hear this )

The great barrier reef you can see it from space a vast undersea paradise lost without trace blame it on star fish the great crown of thorns blame it on nature however, she warns run off is up there it … Continue reading

The Pig knows its time is up

The pigs are on their way to die is that a mystery Tell me why? its the factory farm into the truck to the house of slaughter WTF the eyes tell all the smell of death is everywhere on every … Continue reading

We need them they need us The wolves

Federal Protection is needed for the Wolves to strip them of this would be futile and a grand mistake the apex predator needs our help and we must give it or we will lose diversity and this is going to … Continue reading

I’m a bloody Kangaroo

I’M A BLOODY KANGAROO and an Australian through and through I wasn’t shipped from England in some prison boat not me My ancestors were Australians this is where I be and you so called Australians create a brand new word … Continue reading

Foie Gras a sinful nasty product

I was outside Fortnum and Mason just the other day with some placards and some pretty girls to help me on my way campaigning against Foie Gras for PETA just a role talking to the public and so many just … Continue reading

Draft Bill 227 (Brazil listen don’t forget us)

Brazil, I’m asking are you going bonkers? the guardians, the indigenous were there working for the preservation of all your resources and now you want to dump them thats not fair Draft Bill 227 you would get rid of them … Continue reading


We are sacrificed for cleaning liquid or may be a toilet block our precious lives are taken we get and expect such shock and awe and evil and of course woe wild animals are in the know we are treated … Continue reading