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Should some airlines be more ethical in their approach to cargo?

This is another look at the question of morality and hypocrisy in the world of corporate shipments, surely if airlines collectively ban the shipment of trapped primates for experimentation the trade would cease overnight.But then the trapper the shipper and the laboratory are all parties to this insanity licensed by their respective governments and no doub’t supported by their electorate Continue reading

60 Monkeys from Africa via Paris to Chicago 80 hours of Hell

Air France heartless airline shipping live primates from Africa to the States via Paris this trade in Life has to stop NOW Continue reading

My view on these dodgy breast implants

This is a sad tale, one that should never have happened but clearly has and there were too few controls in place to prevent it, hopefully this will now change note I say hopefully for there is no guarantee Continue reading

Fluoridation of our water

Fluoridation is the drip drip of poison dumbing us down and keeping us passive Continue reading

My thoughts on replacement hip joints

Hip replacement joints stories on the internet and today in the telegraph concern people who have had these prosthetics fitted. Just a few points from me a layman looking from the outside.I have not chosen to have any replacements I just preferred my new life as a tortoise. Continue reading

The Bears the Wolves and the Salmon

How wild earthlings stand together and share all the river has to offer Continue reading

My thoughts on Banksters bonuses

RBS Saga/ a few comments from me Continue reading

After Fukashima Why did our Gov’t try to play down the risks

Sellafield Mox has shut last year but the governmentt tried to lessen the impact of the Japanese disaster by playing it down.. Continue reading

Why do some people not want windfarms

Wind farms of the off shore variety are efficient, and the poeple who object due to their aesthetic nature
need to re-think and to discover there is still a horizon and a better safer future for those people following on from us Continue reading

Dumbed down

For short term profit the threat of Nuclear reactors or radioactive ways to boil a kettle is chosen rather than renewables, one day, perhaps in the not too far off future some of us will regret that we didn’t wake up sooner Continue reading