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It was April, A brickworks A production machine Took the leg off a soul A mother dog Who had a role In nursing her three pups And now what we saw Was a three legged dog Stressed out for sure … Continue reading


Abandoned and Divested of everything A complete discontinuance That left you just to ring The changes that were evident The evils that would bring The Papillomas torture In its aggressive form Skin and bones the over tones Within the coming … Continue reading

“REMY”when ever anyone came by

When ever anyone came by The dog was always there Specific times related to his eating So aware Of time and being really in the right place Seemingly In so very many ways A Shared integrity He Was being fed … Continue reading


Just lying in the grass Not moving in great plain Suffering an agony That drives most souls insane Someone said he was beaten His spine was broken too And therefore just neglected nothing anyone could do Days passed and his … Continue reading


Found in a slaughterhouse Beyond belief Terrible bondage An unmentionable grief There in a puddle A body so small Little pink tips Helpless just all Sadness and infamy Downtrodden here Cut from the mothers womb Imagine the fear The wickedness … Continue reading


The humility and patience Of the angel who came by Who could see the undoubted suffering Of a dog and thought to try and catch her, she was restless Impulsive and she ran Through the thorns and bushes Clearly not … Continue reading


A country road A windy day Thorny hedgerows We can say We stopped the car Because we saw A terrier there But We were not sure We peered through the thorns And he was there A Black and Tan In … Continue reading