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Northern white cheeked Gibbons

PU Mat National Park In Northern Vietnam Quite near the border with Laos And subject to alarm Critically endangered Some 455 living at high altitude And hoping to survive A biosphere reserve Away from humans One has to feel With … Continue reading

GIbbon the state of the world its no wonder torture is for me

I have little to think about But despite that The trees in the jungle Where I was at The whole social order Of living where I Was born was rewarding But that I now die In a cage far away … Continue reading


Such tiny cages Screaming laments Total frustration Many atttempts Blue gloved technicians Come to be there Taxpayer funded Though few are aware The sedated mother Lifeless she lays Head on one side Some awful malaise Set full of grief Drugged … Continue reading

You don’t care a monkeys for me do you?

Can you feel what I feel? Do you dare to be? Watching from your bleeding tablet? Yea now watching me In this cage I’ve sat here Burning up inside Scuffed and in a load of pain The ZOO here they … Continue reading

Tragedy on the Cassia Road

The Cassia ROad outside the mushroom farm And what we found Was a mother and her baby Lying on the ground Both were badly injured The baby gravely so The mother was lying on the bank Where the thick lantana … Continue reading

Snub nosed monkeys of Shangrila

The mysterious monkeys of Shangrila High in the mountains is where they are Pink lips yoda ears and almond eyes Elf like they be and quite the surprise NOrth East Yunnan the snow mountain range In hidden valleys just for … Continue reading

I am not exotic i am just me

Stolen I was stolen I might well be extinct Left to fester in a hovel It was as if I blinked And all my world came Tumbling down The jungle the despair Took everything I ever had And left me … Continue reading

Sulewesi and the macaque’s

They live in Sulewesi Old world monkeys they Live in Tangkoko reserve Thats where they spend their day High up in the canopy And on the litter floor Little family groups Who live their lives upon the shore Around the … Continue reading

Old world monkeys or Macaque’s

Terribly expressive faces Sensitive beyond belief Fruitarians for most part Which is a relief Living on these limstone casts Peering out to sea Makes for amazing climbers Out of necessity Below them on the true land The buddhists temples tend … Continue reading

Your zoo is a prison cell thats all

Evidence of intuition Demonstrating our frustration Our doubtfulness and obscurity Of the human beings reasons to Leave us in these vile enclosures We are not goldfish and what we do Is suspend our judgement for our dilemma Really our fallibility … Continue reading