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A horror from the dairy

Little known You can understand Just why that may be Unborn calves Their pregnant mums Slaughtered Which for me Is wicked Absolutely Its immorality Ungodly and irreligious But it happens As we see The leather trade Can profit From the … Continue reading

That cheap leather jacket you just bought shame you didn’t give it more thought

Women and children watching A female cow now sits On a green tarp upon this earth Fittingly her wits Are still alive and feeling The agony and the wrath These Indians these cretins walk down Hathor’s path To absolute iniquity … Continue reading

Leather bags

Handbags made of dead animals skin Open them and see Behind the exotic image Beating hearts now be It really is a picture The intestines and the blood Yes you get it on your hands As it begins to flood … Continue reading


What and olfactory experience can we justify The stench of rotting flesh on skins that will Be used to fashion into leather garments Only made from animals they kill No animal wants to die to just be carved up Its … Continue reading

be satisfied with the skin you are in

  100 per cent vegan shoes no need for leather   Ashrams and sitars and gurus curry The Ganges and more locked in our psyche the cow it is holy thats if you think that the law     is … Continue reading