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Into the Rainbow Bridge so many were taken

The hedgerows hold the cover Where Wildness did exist So many victims quietly stolen from the mist Of time as earths were emptied By the prowling poacher man The National Park in Pembrokeshire Across the years did span Snares and … Continue reading

Cader Idris

We left CAT in the afternoon On the signs to Dolgellau We were going to the mountains I was not quite sure now how I could ever climb up there The Chair of Idris who Had been a giant and … Continue reading

GLAN y WERN and beyond

Looking for sites and standing stones We took a path and drove Slowly upwards through fierce wind Towards our treasure trove Clearly in our hearts and minds Where dry stone walls exist Ruins of ancient cottages Not on any list … Continue reading

Alternative technology Machynlleth

Back home I sit and ponder On the last week spent away In North Wales where every day it rained Where existence in a way Was metered out essentially Where grounded I could be Enduring and procuring Unimagined mystery A … Continue reading

So much to whet the appetite To feel the buzz and glow To see the works of solar Its all there its on show Water biomass and air Sharing being more aware Compost toilets off the grid Working hard to … Continue reading

The power of water

A water powered funicular 30 metres high It travels 175 feet Right up to the sky It’s one of the steepest cliff railways In the world today With a 34 degree slope And 100 runs per day JOhn the porter/driver … Continue reading

The Centre for alternative technology

The lay out has been thought out well Each contingency is earned Almost at every turn What we know is burned Now Into our psyche A prediction of the wrath The digital disaster The all pervading path Into the new … Continue reading

Observation and the miracle of Life

The sun produces shadow Picks out colour with its brush The artist in the heavens The wooden tree tops lush Verdant undulation And all before our eyes The centre for alternative Technology and WISE Ongoing it is living Nothing is … Continue reading

The day of departure

The day of departure Some light in the sky Some hefty old clouds around But dare we try To figure out why here the clouds Look like clouds Not great trails of chemicals Falling in shrouds Here we see greenery … Continue reading

2nd day at CAT in North Wales

The use of slate Within this quarry Evidence of soul It’s natural and organic Nature’s in control It’s just the living landscape And CAT has shown the way By using it for building A vibrant part of every day And … Continue reading

CAT North Wales.

Snowdonia encapsulates energy sustainable A verdant land beneath the sky seemingly a parable For the spirit in the slate and the quarries of the moon Where bracken bursts and waterfalls over time have hewn The rock into long passages though … Continue reading