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My life as a cow

What they do to us is wrong Gentle as the day long Our individuality Cornered by depravity We enduring pain and thrust A constancy of true disgust You cannot imagine How we feel How sick inside And just how real … Continue reading

Born to suffer

Expectancy was one thing Joyfulness another Essentiality was to be The order of each day My mother clearly loved me In her very special way By insemination Artificially Raped by some old farmers arm Who was no visionary Just a … Continue reading

They died for nothing

When your mother is raped When she’s put in a rack Inseminated A sexual attack She will never forget Thats when you know Your future is bleak And as slowly you grow She will give you her all Until the … Continue reading

Almond and Rice and animal milks

Milk apparently can only come from cows Or coconuts Goats perhaps and even sheep And camels possibly But now the vegan drinks have surfaced Out of grains and nuts and beans Coming to the forefront Its amazing what machines Are … Continue reading

The teats of a cow I sup not

The teats of a cow are not for me They have never been And they never will I am human just about And human breast milk Why is their doubt Bulls jacked off by Farming men Cows then raped again … Continue reading

NZ dairy Fonterra

Squeaky clean New Zealand Has somehow got away With making all its Bobby calves into victims everyday Milk designed for baby calves Is sold and fed to you So as the nasty dairy trade Does what it wants to do … Continue reading

Low fat milk

50 gallons of low fat milk ago When the bones were strong and the legs did know The milk you’ve been stealing From babies you Knew they would be killed What did you do Went and bought yogurts Butter and … Continue reading

Homogenization only a good idea for the Dairy Industries profit margins

Its only Human Beings That consume milk after weaning When we exchanged our milk teeth with the Tooth Fairy the meaning Was really insignificant Nutrition didn’t play a part in the transaction Sadly,I have to say Lactase is, an intestinal … Continue reading