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The secret Gardens of Flaunden

Flaunden Lane near Bovingdon A concept to regard A Mediterranean Nursery Easy for the bard To soak up all its floral gifts The complementary Interacting many coloured Pattened woven spree A place of peace and harmony An idyll in a … Continue reading

2nd April Berkhamsted Town

6’37 so much light Woad and cobalt Just feels right Burnished pewter Cherry tree Last years leaves Could not fly free Tousled brown Hung wintry bite The copper Beech A bounteous sight Latticed branches Completely still Not a hint of … Continue reading

Leslie Hore-Belisha

In 1934 on certain crossings On the road Amber coloured globe lights Atop a black and white pole The road surface was studded And later painted black and white And so the Zebra crossing it was of born And Took … Continue reading

Red sand forts

They stand out in the estuary In about one hundred feet Of sea water these massive forts The Maunsell gun towers meet All of the objectives When built in 43 To shoot down Nazi aircraft And the doodlebugs That be … Continue reading

The trolley man at Sainsburys Apsley

For no apparent reason A smile is all you see He is not an entrepreneur But a trolley man he be Working out of Sainsbury’s Hunting for them, he Knows all the hiding places And just where they can be … Continue reading


A Japanese man was arrested Because he chose to flush His wife’s cremated ashes Down a toilet in a rush He had had an unhappy marriage And out of disrespect Went to the supermarket And decided to elect The toilet … Continue reading

More on the election

Scissor hands Cameron Didn’t have to leave Still in Number ten So he did achieve The ultimate prize Stayed Millibands hand And Clegg and Farage And where did they land? Out in the cold Was it a shock Fracking is … Continue reading

The Yazidi

the Yazidi face such persecution From the ISIL mob They are being abducted And killed And more left to sob 50,000refugees The killing of a few How you keep ahead of them Who knows what to do Melek Taus their … Continue reading

His story could turn out to be her story too

A gun that is a weapon With a fire power that can kill Anyone it’s pointed at It’s lead it’s going to spill Into someone’s body An explosion a success A wretchedness such misery A scourge of ruinous stress A … Continue reading

Unit 731

It’s hard to come to terms with those Who experiment on human kind Hatred and pure wickedness The iniquity of the sinful mind Degeneration depravity Flagitiousness and villainy Malevolent outrageous perverted Vilest infamy In war time people sink into An … Continue reading