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The great ROUNDUP

Consciousness has been around For many a year The thoughts the sense Of the inner child A mindlessness bordering on the moronic An abstractness that could be seen as wild Unconcerned and uninvolved Indifferent one might say As the corporate … Continue reading

THe Horseshoe Crab

The philosophy of existence Apparently extends To catching hordes of horseshoe crabs Calling them our friends Abusing them entirely By removing from them blood Its of the bluest colour A cerulean flood And why would science do this To a … Continue reading

Forgotten heroes

Back in 1931 The depression How could it be fun When rockerfeller Decided he Would build Skyscrapers And would see Workers back a climbing high Earning some wages In the sky Infact they came from everywhere To do their art … Continue reading

Feed lots

I stood up a long time ago And said out to myself aloud I will not support the meat trade I will no longer be a coward Who just eats flesh and drinks the milk Designed for calves not me … Continue reading

Water is life or should be

Existence on this planet Is currently under fire The realization of what is being done here Is so dire For me it is undeniable Why corporations feel And they all appear indestructable Whatever they conceal The pipelines now criss crossing … Continue reading

The great American West

When you look back on real history The realization comes Not from visiting the moon But the sound of native drums The wigwams by the river The bison herds who ran The wilderness was teeming Thats when the west began … Continue reading

The oceans are dying

The oceans are dying So many are lying Through their back teeth Then on and beyond Poachers and hunters And criminal gangs Are out illegally The ocean hangs On a pure equilibrium NAture knows best Though the great corporations Are … Continue reading

Its not really that far fetched when you think it through

The freedom that flight gives you When we recall Our great mother gave some The right to not fall But to fly and to soar To be forever free Wild birds thats their mandate For eternity Huge corporations soulless they … Continue reading

Dont give up we can beat them

DAkota access Investors are panicking tonight If the oil dont start to flow Its more than winters bite That will get to their arses All you have to do Is sit it out And fight this one For its winnable … Continue reading

There are no risks so dont worry about oil spills

They said it couldnt happen Kelsey was the man The corporate head of fuck knows where Energy transfer plan Of action it cant happen Of course not Kelsey, we Know the black snake never coughs its heart up Actually So … Continue reading