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Dumbing down is working

Humans are easily fooled these days But animals at least Instinctively know what feels right or wrong And any beast Coming under fire from the vibrations of the earth Tsunami’s earthquakes solar flares The animals show their worth Smart meters … Continue reading


Back in the year of my father Asylums each country possessed Existence and life they were brothers A connection it has to be stressed An affinity for one another Though a contrariness in a way They really resembled each other … Continue reading

Coldplay and the true feelings

Timeliness An auspicious moment in life The great possibility Freedom from strife To let ourselves go In a spiritual way With the freedom to dream And to hear them Coldplay A momentous ritual The occasion to be In one’s fathers … Continue reading


The role of a parent The role of a doctor The role of BIG pharma And governments too What should be given Who should agree to it Why are their guinea pigs What did they do A baby was offered … Continue reading

Del Bigtree Producer

Whistle blowers stand before The fraudulent and shout When all around the populous Expound their share of doubt The corporate and pathological Giants wave their fists As victims suffer badly And the medical world resists Up steps Dr Wakefield An … Continue reading

Hide and seek a game some of us know

Those who we have damaged Are crying inside Some cannot speak Some want to hide But who should be locked up The children or you The medical people Who do what they do Flog vaccination And, so by doing Inject … Continue reading

Ethyl Mercury

Everything we ever make commercially Is saddled with the cost factor we know corporate profit needed to be thought about With all the fingers in the pie to show A decent margin that must be ongoing Its what arguments are … Continue reading

Autism and the claim made by Katie Hopkins

It be your presumption Your hypothesis That autism stems From a crazy thesis An excuse to claim benefit From the big pot No Katie Hopkins That isn’t the lot Of parents with Children whose instinctive minds Register sadness Under the … Continue reading


Being riddled with consternation Being lost in such dismay For want of a bit more courage I hesitate to say My daughter she has problems The school she’s at appears To not understand her predicament And so heightens her fears … Continue reading

A spectrum disorder

The rate of growth in environmental Quarters The inoculant that subdues The spirit child Who is medically disabled Potentially enabled Who has crossed the current Boundaries Bordering on the wild We refuse to understand Their coordination A gift alongside their … Continue reading