There he sat so doleful
Shuddering and shaking
Covered in blood
His little eyes
It seemed his heart was breaking
Nobody to love him
Nobody to care
There he sat on a dusty street
And nobody Aware

We picked him up in a blanket
On a motor bike we took
Him off to the hospital
And holding him he shook
to hospital we gave him love and kisses
And some care
We sedated him and cleaned his wounds
And he nodded off just there

When he woke we fed him
And we Bandaged all his woes
Fed him loved him
We all loved him
And it really shows

He had no one to love him
And that makes us all sad
So rapidly he got well with
And everyone was glad
To see him romping to and fro
Just happy to be
Amongst people who loved and cared
For “tiggy” joyfully


ANImalaidunlimited india

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