Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fracking in Lancashire

Lancashire has told Cuadrilla No those two sites cannot be Fracked it is not going to happen Despite how the government see This country of ours Being ruined The fat cats unloading their dough Bloody great tankers ruining our roads … Continue reading

The futility of man

I looked at that picture And what did I see Bodies just lying there Bloodied, they be Clearly all murdered By someone and they Were clearly with their sons On their judgement day Judgement what was that Who made that … Continue reading

Taiji and the faroese

It’s about being seen And where we have been To the Faroe Islands And to Taiji Our fins burn their wake And they sadly partake Of our capture Which most of you see The rattle and boom which awakens each … Continue reading

Delta and it’s record with pets

It seems that this airline is chosen Above all the others To carry the pet dogs and they Because of this suffer the greatest Problems but actually statistics Essentially say Animals do risk the journey Becoming their last one And … Continue reading

Un faero the islands of the doomed

Clearly they are doomed these people Deviants they be Talking up tradition Whilst pillaging the sea Using up the hearts blood Damning youth to be Orphans from the broken pods Whose life expectancy Would have far exceeded this morning Whole … Continue reading

This is never entertainment

This is moronic evil Entertainment no It is the abuse of animals And the theme seems set to grow The audience are laughing They seem amused by sin These are soulful earthlings Frightened for their skin A women in a … Continue reading

Chicken shed

It makes no difference what you are A chicken or a cow If you are being eaten The humans show you how Heaven can be so transformed To hell in the wink of an eye Come with me to chicken … Continue reading


Do you like my metal collar And my body chain It’s not there by coincidence It’s the human refrain The changeable ness of habitats And why now I am here Chained up to a fucking post And left to rot, … Continue reading

The murder of our wild life by the powers to be

The cull of badgers clearly has Momentum so we hear Cameron has pledged to carry on The blood sports here Fox hunting and hare coursing Deers and wild birds too That is why they were created For the rich to … Continue reading


A child And the tanks Long queues in banks A bright orange sky Destruction We die As they take lives away With their fire and their war And the rockets galore It’s ominous shit Now where I sit A frightened … Continue reading