A friend of mine
Loves animals
A Shepherd of the sea
A warrior who worries
Of such sincerity
Caring for the wild one’s
The shared one’s
What it does
Is fill us with frustration
Regrets come flooding to us too
And we don’t get a buzz

From all the negativity
The cruelty around
The sea is full of fishing gear
And plastic does abound
Deon has a heart of gold
He is sensitive and kind
But feels those pangs of loneliness
Within his profound mind

The dolphins out at Taiji
He loves every one
The ocean cuta a passage
When the day is done
Family trees are torn away
And Deon wants to be
Heading forth to share their swim
He, wants to be free

South Africa in Lockdown
It grips his very soul
He really is a lovely bloke
Not always in control
Emotions get the better of him
His integrity
Is really extra special
As upright as can be

Deon many love you
Respect your kindliness
Your sense of responsibility
And how you do confess
Your sadness for the wild souls
Who labour in the sea
Up against the psychopaths
And their venality

Deon we all love you
Your the sunshine over head
We need you on the facebook pages
Theres something to be said
For your sea shepherd stories
And in fact for all you do
Cheer up mate we want to say
We actually all love you

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