Killer Safari’s

Fancy killing animals
A profession some do say
Encouraging the low life
To come on holiday
Not to just see Africa
But to murder the wild souls
The Big five and the rest of them
If these are your goals
In life
Obnoxiousness and pain
Being hurtful being harming
Maltreatment and disdain
Cringeworthy and wretched
For buttock-clenching gain
A massive black maned Lion
A Rhino with his horn
An elephant the greatest of the pachyderms
All torn
From their African heartland
To be shy and killed and stuffed
And shipped back to the motherland
The hunter feeling chuffed

Around the LIMPOPO
Murder is the cry
Fancy housing killers
Who want animals to die
Before their term
In their gifted place
Where got put them and we
Encourage teachers vile dopey arses
To shoot them down and be

High fiving the canned hunting tribe
Of spiteful rotten blokes
Contemtible the deplorable
Telling their rotten jokes
sitting around the camp fire
guzzlibg cold beer
Buggering up their kidneys
With tension and with fear

All these sicko safari’s
Ought to be closed down
They are debasing all that’s good in life
For some life is in vain
Wanting the unskillful
To pay big bucks so they
Can be hoodwinked by you lot
To have a happy day

The artless homespun heroes
Who cannot fire a gun
They come out to Africa
Shooting in the sun
They want to bag big LION
And take away its mane
Murder one so special
Someone who would drain

The life force
From this great land
A giraffe or two
The meat can feed the locals
The lion bones feed the crew
Ship them out to the Far East
Make a killing there
The Chinese pay a fortune
And no seems to Clare

Shut down all these safari’s
They are crippling the land
Threatening and saturating
And they don’t understand
Extinction it is coming
The countryside will die
If there are no animals
Underneath the sky

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