UK waste found in jungle

Pink waste bags
Out from Milton Keynes
Found in the jungle where
Someone clearly dumped them
Someone unaware
All the supermarkets
Were represented too
All this one use plastic
This is what we do
Recycle it so diligently
Expecting it to be
Sorted and re used
And it does so upset me
To know when China shut the gates
And said the west could keep
All its ruddy rubbish
That Malaysia now must weep

It’s not just from the UK
Its from Australia too
It’s terrible to see this
Our unconsciousness come true
Someone somewhere greasing palms
It’s shabby and it’s base
And the rainforests are getting
Landfilled there at a pace
Beyond their wildest nightmares
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
Happened to be a filming
And saw what was a wall
Of rubbish which was dumped there
And he could straight way see
Plastic bags from Milton Keynes
And a lot more that be

We do ship for recycling
But clearly on the way
Someone gets their dirty hands
And creates some real dismay
The water and the air around there
People are suffering they
See these bags from Waitrose or From #Sainssburys
And they say

Someone is dishonest
Truly insincere
It’s insidious and sinister
Why they are lying here
In the deepest jungle
Causing sin and woe
Racketeering and criminality
Everywhere we go
Fly tipping on a foreign shore
It’s improbity and more
We must think about the animals
The forest and not just ignore
The fact that plastic bags
From Milton Keynes now find their way
To MAlaysia it’s terrible
And no way to pass the day

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