I am cecil too

He is doing it to music
Her white boots and her style
It cuts into his poor old feet
Torture off the dial
Purple lights and laughter
She the dancing queen
His demeanour says it all
Thoroughly obscene

Chafing irritation
Loathsomeness galore
So much botheration
And tHe public cry for more
Circus is an anathema
A ghastly horrid scene
The bear is obviously suffering
But the audience are mean

They intensify his agony
No palliation there
If there is a consolation
The fact that he does dare
To actually do the wire act
Exhausting him each day
And she at last is smiling
So really he does stay

At it just being abused
And made to look a fool
If only he was in the forest
Where then he could rule
The roost more be a real wild bear
Instead he has to be
Subservient to this women
And the bloke you cannot see

Who cages him who beats him
Who will not give him feed
He beats her up and swears at her
Sometimes if my feet bleed
I suffer and I realise
My life this time is lost
But If I can please this women
Then at least its worth the cost

At least the work is regular
And if there is money in the bank
He leaves her be and I can see
She is happier to be frank
Then she is very kind to me
Gives me honey off a spoon
Otherwise I feel the wrath
From her other half the GOON.

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