The EU invasion

I fail to understand the logic
And really the reasons why
The politicians back the EU
With what soon will apply
The loss of all our counties
Our history wiped away
Our birthplace
Its a disgrace
And to you all I say

London will no longer
Be our capital, its true
Brussels the unelected
Bureaucrats have spoken
And their view
In a matter of a short time
WESTMINSTER will be gone
BRUSSELS Is where it happens
For me its one big con

The memo of Regionalization
Published in 1965
Yes all that long time ago
And we were not told
We didnt know
The lame stream media
Really they limp along
Each day
Telling us what they want us to know
And thats the lame stream way

In 1971 we got the
Big treaty of Rome
We were told it was a common market
On trade yes coming home
Common agricultural policy
Fishing and farming too
Just reflect on both sectors
Its very very true

Fisherman were sold out
Our waters have been shared
We are an island nation
Why were we running scared
Now other nations have taken
Our catches every day
And we have been forced to watch them
Our industry made to pay

Was Heath lying through his teeth
Or On the other hand
Signed up to all this nonsense
That he didnt understand
Not all tories have it
As we see today
With scuttling going on everywhere
And some independents breaking away

In 1986 the single European Act
That one signed by Thatcher
And she did react
Badly she always regretted
Signing it, we hear
When Even closer union with the EU
Became clear

We lost the national veto
And our sovreignty
For thirty years they supressed
The news
QMV became the way
That voting was assessed
Again few knew this happened
And some didnt care a less

Then in 1973 the big one
JOhn Major was in charge
And for me so much despair
We became Europeans not Welsh or English, We
Also were not Irish
Thats how it had to be
Adopting The European Court
Its laws and
Transport system
Single currency
The end of all our nations

The ECU then the EURO
A single currency
Thats the next rung on the ladder
We can wait and see
Then came the Consolidated Treaty of Amsterdam
When competition rules all changed
A BRUSSELS Developed plan
Post offices were closing
Thanks to the EU
BRUSSELS Didnt approve of them
But it was kept from you

25000 post offices
Were shut down everywhere
An edict from the EU
A service they could share
Federal police and so forth
Then the Treaty of NICE
This time Tony Blair involved
Trial by jury quashed
Habeas Corpus cancelled out
Presumption of Innocence
Now its presumption of guilty
The European way
Put the boot in
And we just had no say

2007 it was
But Gordon Brown did because
He didnt forsee the problem
And David Milliband
Signed it off
We were trapped
It seems to me

The great power of the UNION
As to Nation States
They must all support the UNION
Our birth right just grates
Those unelected bureaucrats
Its Europe all the way
Cancel out the nation states
They are gone
Thats what they say

The currency will be the EUR0
Its coming sterling’s doomed
THe Charter of Fundamental Rights
TOny Blair again
No longer are we now free born
Thats been cancelled out
Our British Constitution
Is gone
Without a doubt

Regionalization Yes its coming
all names from the past
Then the 48 counties
Just 8 regions they be
The formation of the Federal State of Europe

Remainers this my plea to you
Did you really know
The future being European
And a continual flow
Of peoples from an ever extending
Area as well
MAhgreb the Middle East
Its coming I hear tell

The whole Kalergi principles
Stifling us all
Migration from the Middle East
What will be a wall
Of migrants and no integration
Thats the future we
Can expect for our children
And their children seems to me.

Already 84 per cent of all our laws
Are already made in BRUSSELS

At this rate our politicians
Appear to have a ever reducing
Reason to be employed

Southern England and Northern France

Includes Western parts of England,Portugal, Spain
And Wales

Includes Eastern England, Sweden Denmark
The Netherlands and parts of Germany

Eradication of all national borders
Sovereign identity gone

www. kalergi-plan-the-real-reason-that-the-european-union-is-so-h

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