Executive Orders

The executive order
Was signed yesterday
No communication
Just this is the day
I am the leader
What I say goes
And ETP reckon
Now that it shows

THat I mean business
The pipe line must be
Fully operational
Fracked oil lets see
It running with solvents
Helping its flow
And when it does leak
Then of course
We shall know

Water is life
To the rich they don’t care
Theres come from a bottle
Of course its not fair
Ours come from from the river
And pollutants will mean
Our water is ruined
It is so obscene

Circumventing statutes
Did not make us great
TRUMP stands to make money
At an alarming rate
Of change to gag people
And let this CEO
An arrogant man
you would not want to know

No respect for the first nation people
At all
This man has no culture
In fact he’s a fool
Its their land by treaty
Their ancestors blood
Comprised here ti be ruined in
One hell of a flood

STreamlining processes
Doesnt make sense
Thats why the area remains so tense
The robocop mentality
Hangs in the air
Who can understand
Why its not fair

EXecutuve orders
Yes he’s the big man
A flash of his broad pen
And its all down the pan
ETP are happy now they can drill
And be gone
And the black snake will wriggle
And move on and on

Under the river and when theres a leak
All will be lost
BISMArch now seek
An end to disruption
Its getting them down
What they did earlier
They went to town

They got the re routing
Yea underway
Who cares about first nation people
Clearly not BISMARCH
They mostly are white
Let the first nations people
Struggle and fight

Its a threat to the land
Its ominous too
Leaks there are many
Thats of course true
It is a challenge the risks
Being high
A great war of nerves
Up in the sky

Theres a lot of bluster
From ETP
Shareholders jumpy
They bloody should be
Environments suffer
And investigation
Should have been taken
To protect their nation

ETP Tried to be funny haha
Used the wrong documentation
Its who they are
Trying to short cut
And make them bow down
So they could make money
And get out of town

Are aick of it all
Eminent domain
Its all shit its a rule
So very unfair
And the corporate thugs
Come into our world
And call us all mugs

Look down their noses
Treat us like scum
Employ security with dogs
And say We are dumb
Too dumb to realise
We have to be
Totally subservient
To them obviously

The stand off arrives
If you want war
The society dives
To a new low for certain
The devils will feel
More than prayers next time
We cannot conceal

This may be high noon
A new INdian War
We shall go down fighting
Like never before
You treat us like rats
with no cause to complain
As you ruin our water
And cause us all pain

Well its not going to happen
Not any more
We have suffered enough
We cannit ignore
Our children you are taking
Already our land
is poor and you still want to
Be out of hand

With us we are the first people
The guardians of earth
GAIA is with us
We still have our worth
Our ancestors died
With your crap tricks before
And we then may have to too
For in our core
We cant take any more

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