Reptilian luxuriance

Having the propensity to draw down those designers
The labels that appear to give what is that perfect start
In fact to trap the guilty to the snobbishness that grabs them
for it comes with a high price tag That is seldom from the heart

Hermes and Berkin spin it with each moment that they use with ancient reptiles they deprive them
and in deed refuse
preventing their true consciousness
As somehow they contrive
The vilest of existence no matter how they strive

In Zimbabwe and in Texas thus we see great hordes of bodies
Crowded into stinking pools they be
At The Padenga factory farm
3 crocodiles makes one bag
The luxury of evil
It seems to me

These Concrete pens are a living hell inappropriately managed
A wretchedness and a misery hidden and discreet
Humiliation and bleakness so ingloriously created
A living hell of impetuousness for the ultimate elite

“Watch bands” thats their slang name off they go to France
For processing 2000 dollars nothing left to chance
Calculated cruelly a margin to attain
The music of the ugly composed with such disdain

Shot in the head as box cutters slice the spinal cord
Surgical dislocation at a price all can afford
Where agony slips into a tonal urge and we
Feel the intensity that it creates and the utter cruelty

A dilemma so unmanageable that these souls inevitably
Die in utter squalor in a darkness where they be
Ill treated and ill handled vulgarised until
Their hearts give out it’s all about the vileness we instil

An unfortunate incarnation barbaric in its savagery
And the thinking and those methods used of what becomes depravity
The methods used to slaughter them is arrogance displaced
Out of those nightmarish dreams where everything is defaced

In Texas Love Star alligators based in Lousianna
Suffer in a silence their brains scrambled every day
From their putrid brackish cesspools hidden in each shit storm
Fighting for each breath along the way

This is how a luxury is transformed from a running sore
A trauma a contagion an obscenity and even more
The refusal of the rich in fact to recognise this behaviour
A rotten unsound mind perhaps programmed to ignore

It’s all about the futility
The vanity of utility
An out pouring of such rarity
The luxuriance of now
Really it’s superfluous needless and unnecessary
Expressive but excessive
A surcharge on the innocent
That becomes the true cash cow

We overdose on profusion
Of exorbitant extremes
Really we are parasites
Employing ragged teams
Of the robotic underpaid
Prepared to cruelly go
Where few would for their salaries
As long as they can stow

Their meagre gains in coffers
In mystery and guild
Granted a vacation
That seriously can yield
A portfolio of successes
With the luxury of sin
Hidden by a label
And what is the new win win!

This whole designer label crap using leather from sad animals or whatever else they use sickens me to my very core x

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