Respect the Zebra’s

Africa think carefully
The Zebra
And theres three
The one I speak of here today
Is the true Grevy
Named after the President
Long ago from France
By a man called Ostalot
Who clearly took the chance
To love and respect this Zebra
The largest Equid, he
Realised their wonder
And their speciality
Their grouping was like humans
A stallion a mother a foal
a family bond established
The stallion knows his role
Some five feet tall
And massive ears
And narrower stripes
But they
Are up against it sadly
And are endangered
Now today

They can go without water
For five days
And they eat
grass and legumes
Their respect for one another
Is complete

A tranquil undisturbed life
Browsers so to say
Using their ingenuity
And imagery to pay
Respects to family living
And bringing up a foal
Animal life has meaning
And denotes their truest soul.

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