“Milo” the film

Milo was a little boy
Caught up in net, where joy
Only half on his mothers side
And where His father really did deride
He told his son that he was sick
With a skin disease
An outrageous trick
Really because of his lack of concern
What others would think
If they were to learn
So they made young Milo
Think that he had a skin complaint
And obviously
Used skin cream day and night
And couldn’t go out
And in spite
Of the cream he used
It was clear that he
Was kept at home

His father was infantile
In his own way
Embarrassed to talk it through
And really say
What was wrong why all the cream
His savage temper
Could come on stream

He was cruel to his wife
He knocked her about
And wouldnt let Milo ever go out
He wanted so much to go to school camp
But that couldn’t happen
And it all was about

The skin condition
That the father could not
Ever get his head around
Clearly was shot
About it all actually
Sulking and causing
His son to mope
And constantly pausing
With skin creams and soap

At school he lacked confidence
And children know
Many are sensitive
More so when they grow
Up with an allergy
Or tend to be
Aloof and standoffish
Its when bullies see
A way into psyche’s
How grudges arrive
How ill feelings blossom
And its hard to survive

Just being different
When dolefulness strikes
A father whose soulless
You not what he likes
You want to join camp
And be with your friends
But he wants you home
And so he sends

Reasons to stay put
To not mix to be
Doing your own thing
Your monotony
Summer camp it is off limits to you
Its best you stay home
Its your skin thats his view

You need to integrate
Life socially
But he wants you at home
Where people cant see
Your skin disease its a secret affair
And if you go to camp
You’ll be ridiculed there

The day of the camp
Milo goes off on his own
He needs some friendship
He just feels alone
He catches the bus
Walking part of the way
Its getting dark
At the end of the day

A car coming
Hits him
Knocks him to the ground
A gypsy lady
Seemingly found
Him brought him back
To their camp
Tinkers they
Old trucks and vans
And A warm bed
Where Milo could lay

Running away from home
He ended there
A tinkers place
With a lass who did care
She smoked and she swore
A gypsy of sorts
A Romany lass
With some obvious thoughts

His Mother loved him
But his father was bad
Mentally unstable
Which was all very sad
Dogged and hard line
And adamant he
Knew more about bringing up children
Than she

He suffered from an illness
A psycosis where
On his upper body
He grew such thick hair
As a child it was awfully embarrassing he
Needed the creams
It was how he could be

Spared all the ribbing
Children get at school
Freaks just rejected
It does appal
Spurned and dismiss out of hand
Milo he knew, impulsively

He was a wolf boy
Away with the birds
Some might think scary
But he had the words
To explain and a balaclava
To cover his face
And wearing it
Acceptable to the human race

He lived with the tinkers
A while
And they agreed
To return him home
Which they did with good speed
He went to his mother
Who took him away
From his dad
Who was mad
They just drove
That day

A sweet little tale
Of a mother and son
Who at the end of the day
Found themselves on the run
Saddled and thwarted
By impediments they
Found reciprocity
Together that day.

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