Kendall jones and her inspired animal killer

She squats there with a smile
As big as a smile can ever be
Carrying her rifle
With a bob cat tragically
Sitting there forlornly
Shot to death and gone
Lost to the world forever
For a photograph upon
A Facebook timeline somewhere
Heralding the fact
That the bobcat came close to her
Which proves she did react
With tenacity personified
And the wild one
Lost his life
The ability to shoot to kill
Brings out
its degree of strife


4 comments on “Kendall jones and her inspired animal killer

  1. Kimberly Forssander Bergstrom on said:

    This should be posted on her page haha

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      It was i try always to post my stuff on the hunters pages and everywhere. I can think will make a difference

      And i return from time to time and do it all again and sometimes lime a tweet storm of my own making with almost
      5000 poems i have much ammunition to throw at them all of the time or until I am not more

  2. I cry when i see these photos. I have reported many of them as inappropriate on Facebook.

    • Rex tyler on said:

      We are angels lying in wait for the karmic beasts who will come for these evil hunters
      We can direct them to where they are
      And watch them as they engorge themselves

      Animals are our mentors not our victims
      Thanks toni for your input its much appreciate. Xx


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