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Saturday night

We’ve been warned That it’s warmer But likely to be Wetter and windier Floods we might see Tonight as I lie In my bed I can hear The roar of the wind I imagine the fear In the hearts of … Continue reading

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The Donkeys at Yule

I have packs And of course The donkeys come to you From source We appear to ascertain Yule the call It’s our refrain Our Photographs Each one of us Join the merry band No fuss Outside at Folly’s Where we … Continue reading

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Lunch with a snowman

A donkey met a snowman Out there in the cold Tried to eat his nasal parts It fell off and it rolled Down by his feet of icicles An orange carrot and Frozen like a lolly pop That tasted none … Continue reading

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Blankets and pigs

How sad you be In your corporate world The beautiful pigs In our world hurled They cannot sweat But how they feel So much anguish they reveal I have fed and loved a pig and I Detest your sentiment

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