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I have got the needle

Survival The bedrock of life on this earth We began as immortal It was, eternal worth We were fresh and alive Standing there on our own Naked as nature intended Alone We looked up at the sun Felt the warmth … Continue reading

VAXI nation

The absurdity of using lethal substances In vaccinations primed to safeguard those Likely to be struck down by bouts of the dreaded lurgi Its The vagaries of Government, I suppose And Mandatory the new kid on the health block Heavy … Continue reading


Its like standing on top of a precipice And leaping into the sky You do not know, where you will end up But it could be you will die That takes unbelievable courage And self-reliance too To put a bold … Continue reading


The role of a parent The role of a doctor The role of BIG pharma And governments too What should be given Who should agree to it Why are their guinea pigs What did they do A baby was offered … Continue reading

We will all suffer in the end

At first glance its improbable That mercury would be there Or aluminium or any heavy metal We are aware Even in minute quantities These toxics have such force So to include them in injections Is to query the source The … Continue reading


Poisonous vaccines have been around For years and years and I feel bound To remind the public that this is so Despite what governments want you to know Back in the fifties remember that Salk and Sabin do you smell … Continue reading

Polio and the monkeys

Often people talk down karma Life means nothing they Know what it means for them of course But for the animals they abuse and kill no way! They are surplus experiments They may have families too But who cares about … Continue reading

Anti vax Mr Excaliber Jones

So many corporations and big pharma Reckon we should go along like tiny guinea pigs And just bow down to show anyone with a white coat Who tells us that, we must get A vaccination for this or that Whatever … Continue reading

Liars why do you do it

Vaccinations Clearly are Not that helpful In fact, far From helpful that’s if you ask me Live viruses Can never be Necessarily helpful here Combining virus with inert’s My dear And with the excipients And azo dyes They do bring … Continue reading

What are they doing to our children really

Dr Peter Fletcher has retired But he is still around Able to think And not be so fearful And his thoughts They may astound Some but in a nutshell The complacency he feels Is genuine and thought out And of … Continue reading