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MIll Cottage empty now Goring is where silence reigns The twenty fifth of June He came to be The twenty fifth of December Sadly he Closed his eyes Within himself to be George Michael left to roam Eternity Flowers now … Continue reading

Julia Pissano

BUenos Aires Argentina That consciousness I feel The soul the spirit the ultimate thought For me its very real Your page the friends of roll rights Is cerebral and I Perceive a great awareness Which really now is why I … Continue reading

The trumpeter plays quietly

Such a shyness about them Beautifully white Very big birds Serene when in flight Their long neck And black feet Contrast and we Watched them over snake river Fly effortlessly NOrth America boasts So gentle they be They love the … Continue reading


Existence was a giveness That was until TAIJI A little town on the west coast Of Japan Where we now be We felt we were immortal In our ocean paradise In pods our extended family Then someone rolled the dice … Continue reading

The female hordes

He who slaughters the female hordes Leaps into the surf brandishing swords Slicing through tissue as live as can be Killing the babies till that moment Free Blood in the water lashings of gore Anyone can do it it’s all … Continue reading

That cheap leather jacket you just bought shame you didn’t give it more thought

Women and children watching A female cow now sits On a green tarp upon this earth Fittingly her wits Are still alive and feeling The agony and the wrath These Indians these cretins walk down Hathor’s path To absolute iniquity … Continue reading

DNPW Zambia

Hunting is a vile disease Attracting such vulgarity A tastelessness so undignified Made up of true impropriety A hideousness beyond belief A repulsiveness creating grief An odious loathsome ravaged crowd Who live within their squalid shroud And Zambia is unaware … Continue reading

This women has much to answer for

Whatever frustration She feels she has got Whoever is filming this boy in a pot Being bathed not unscathed being beaten Such fear The child clearly getting a hiding Poor dear The language is Tagalog in the Phillippines A complete … Continue reading

From my window at CAT North Wales

The mountains tree lined summits All partnered with the sky Producing a dance of vibrancy That the light does underlie A blueness breaking through the cloud To tantalise and thrill The vital leaf hues contrast As sublimely they do Nature … Continue reading

Tony Blair

The internet had brought me Friends from Iran and Iraq But Blair was in a warring mode And there was no way back I had marched against the horror Of invasion but we know Now that he ignored us all … Continue reading