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Pringles, kellogs makes them Proctor and Gamble, they Thought they had a great idea Potatoes all the way GM corn Rice and spuds Grind them up and see Add a million chemicals And fry it all and be Adding crazy … Continue reading

Just back from the Henge

26000 eyes took in The sun the trails the sky Peering searching feeling The great ancestral sigh Shadowy illuminations Halo’s of the truest gold The longest day The stones the dolmens In the path of solar rolled 13000 hearts beat … Continue reading

Wild fox killed and dressed up as going to a party a sick hunting joke

Among the hunting fraternity There are imbeciles galore Lowbrow numskull phillistines Who carry out their war On some of the wild animals That frequent the countryside The fox that has been hunted Is sometimes denied Due respect for being A … Continue reading

Theresa MAY

I would not describe her As having The gift of the gab Not at all For me she is mellow robotic Hidebound and stuck to the wall And it seems to be with her own obstinacy Tenaciously On her own … Continue reading


MIll Cottage empty now Goring is where silence reigns The twenty fifth of June He came to be The twenty fifth of December Sadly he Closed his eyes Within himself to be George Michael left to roam Eternity Flowers now … Continue reading

Julia Pissano

BUenos Aires Argentina That consciousness I feel The soul the spirit the ultimate thought For me its very real Your page the friends of roll rights Is cerebral and I Perceive a great awareness Which really now is why I … Continue reading

The trumpeter plays quietly

Such a shyness about them Beautifully white Very big birds Serene when in flight Their long neck And black feet Contrast and we Watched them over snake river Fly effortlessly NOrth America boasts So gentle they be They love the … Continue reading


Existence was a giveness That was until TAIJI A little town on the west coast Of Japan Where we now be We felt we were immortal In our ocean paradise In pods our extended family Then someone rolled the dice … Continue reading

The female hordes

He who slaughters the female hordes Leaps into the surf brandishing swords Slicing through tissue as live as can be Killing the babies till that moment Free Blood in the water lashings of gore Anyone can do it it’s all … Continue reading

That cheap leather jacket you just bought shame you didn’t give it more thought

Women and children watching A female cow now sits On a green tarp upon this earth Fittingly her wits Are still alive and feeling The agony and the wrath These Indians these cretins walk down Hathor’s path To absolute iniquity … Continue reading