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The Elder and the Birch

The Elder ends its reign On the twenty second day Of December Then on the 24th The Birch kicks in Her way Set for her through The Wintry months The dark months Where her light Opens up a path for … Continue reading

It blew me away

It clear blew me away To the islands of fae Where the white maidens Dance Its one great Celtic chance To see with my eyes The ultimate prize In the forest of Thorn Where green mosses adorn The silvery papery … Continue reading

Eye to eye

There was a time When i would walk Through ashridge and might sit Down beside a fallen tree And think, just think a bit Quietly be reflecting Hopeful I might see A deer or perhaps a muncjac Who might come … Continue reading

JAn Vlonk’s special OAK

Endurance and steadfastness Comes with this tree An oak whose deep roots Bring it longevity It Is hungry for light And for wind pollination The oak milk cap fungi Provides some salvation Nitrogen and phosphorous Clearly on tap And heavy … Continue reading


I call the birch the poppy tree Disturb ground and it arrives its like a new beginning And from such thoughts survives As The phantom of the forest Its soulful silvery gaze Under a moon of yellow Its countenance does … Continue reading

Aesculus Hippocastanum and the Barn owl

The flower symbol of Kiev The capital of Ukraine KIER A developer With quite a lot to gain Four beautiful flowering Conker trees Offering bounteous shade Growing in a rich green veld Where wildness had been laid A thing of … Continue reading

Helena’s Oak

Into the underworld with me A tree of life so avidly Breathing light And rooted stock Into this meadow good and green Not only Helena has seen Such resplendence And adorning power And a leap of faith Born of the … Continue reading

The little plum tree a True story

We had grown the tree For about six years It had lots of leaves And the plum that appears Were generally sweet But it did crop a lot Breaking some branches And then some did rot Ŵe noticed that wasps … Continue reading

Leaves (A study)

MAy’s leaves they dance and flurry Seemingly in a hurry To get to grips with buds and fruits and sunshine All the way The piercing greens and firery reds Great clumps of pea green attitude Driven in a soul backed … Continue reading

Tree’s and our future

Get your hands off our dear trees 5G to represent Oblivion and the dying out Of wild life Heaven sent Who cares about the seconds It takes to log on we have spent a lot of dosh And all we … Continue reading