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The Birch

Birch the silver shadowy soulful Sentinel survivor A scout that surfaces sooner Than most trees let me say It can face up to wintry wildness Being wholly versatile It grows all over the temperate zone And has done so for … Continue reading

Copper and Cherry

Living close to Nature Helps one balance My Cherry and my Copper Beech Create Conviction and a true belief Implicit in my soul And coupled with a Summer breeze They certainly extol A wonderful enlightenment To tired eyes who can … Continue reading

Master mistress schooling

Master Mistress schooling Pooling ruling fooling who The trees in leaf The sky above so grey And it is time For a giant BEECH Someone did teach It’s roots were shallow laid The weight of this A maidens kiss The … Continue reading


An amazing golden floral gift For bees and butterflies Rich in pollen and nectar For anything that flies Every part of this plant Root right up to flower Can be eaten throughout the year And it will give you power … Continue reading

2nd April Berkhamsted Town

6’37 so much light Woad and cobalt Just feels right Burnished pewter Cherry tree Last years leaves Could not fly free Tousled brown Hung wintry bite The copper Beech A bounteous sight Latticed branches Completely still Not a hint of … Continue reading

Cherry (immortality and Divination)

Marescence is a peculiar trait For the cherry Its holds its leaves It will not let them go Not until the new flush Of the next Spring comes to bear Purposeful and affirming It does share Its burnished pewter bark … Continue reading


A mesh of branch and twiglets Old leaves still clinging fast A silhoutte of darkness Winter stands aghast With frost in early morning And A glaring light filled sky Skelethal mannerisms Which no one dare deny The Cherry looking wretched … Continue reading

Copper Beech in the autumn sunshine

Existing and enduring Essentially it be Tangible and visible Just how a tree should be A symbol of great beauty Where imagination bloom Deep down ingrained with spirit Where its right to assume Live creatures big and small And insects … Continue reading

Leaves (A study)

MAy’s leaves they dance and flurry Seemingly in a hurry To get to grips with buds and fruits and sunshine All the way The piercing greens and firery reds Great clumps of pea green attitude Driven in a soul backed … Continue reading

19/4-21/4 Copper Beech in the celtic month of WILLOW

Thursday your buds were beautiful Friday your leaves on fire SAturday resplendent your flames were licking higher Copper stopper popper And bronze of dancing light A lustre Of profusion A beam a stream the sight Of recent winter storm clouds … Continue reading