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The glistening

Where boney bodies lost to time Reached down into the sod to lime A keen attraction to the cream Sylvatics or fagus dream Carolled by nightingales is she Wood pigeons too will sit on thee Can it be the great … Continue reading


A graceful BEECH In silence stands Frost decked branches No demands From wind today It all is still Its majesty is Now to thrill Stalwart in a ripe repose Taken for granted Though it chose To offer oxygen Everyday And … Continue reading


A sapling of the Bronze age Slowly reached the sky As it grew older it became hollow And you might ask why They might share their inner secrets With the sensitive who sees The wonder that is evident The great … Continue reading

My tree

The rustle of copper My Queen is awake A beech in the shadows She’s never a fake Against the blue backdrop Serenely she stands With branches that glisten And great waving fans Out of the sod She rose to acclaim … Continue reading