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Unbelievable frustration

The small boats A crescendo Papers thrown away Choppy seas The channel They are coming everyday Hordes it’s like an invasion The Home Office appears Not really up to scratch with them And thus ongoing fears Are raised really all … Continue reading

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Blair liar

Go back a few years Saddam and Iraq A million souls marched Why did we attack Saw Saddam pulled down So many killed War on tv So much blood they spilled

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Blair aware say Aye

Aye Blair aware , a monster resides In the dark shadows selfishly hides All of his victims the babes of Iraq Blown in2pieces him making his mark Be4they knew who they were Stolen away He took us 2war On a … Continue reading

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Gestation crates and sows

They are not just pigs they are females The gestation crate invented by male operatives is the message becoming clearer And why were they created rather that a female undergoing pregnancy needed freedom rather than prison and curtailment so hence … Continue reading

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Our rivers

Shit in the rivers Shit in the sea The water companies Where can they be Fish clearly dying Humans are too Nobody cares much I am sorry it’s true

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A hens thoughts

I can so feel her pain It’s drives her insane Life is so in vain There’s no sun only rain Nothing to gain From the pain in her brain Just a long winding lane Full of utter disdain.

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Plant milks suddenly the rage

The fact is we don’t need to drink it Fresh water would be best All the energy it takes to make We should have a rest From drinking processed products Leave the stuff alone And buying it from dairies Defeats … Continue reading

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The scampering I hear them

At the end of each day We must go on our way Back to the gloom And the space in our tomb Sentiment solace Waves us farewell To the darkness And The scampering rodents From hell

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Omicron an Italian film Back in 1963 Its playing out right now folks Irreverence for free Christmas spent in lockdown Father Christmas queer Kissing a half dressed patron Yes its happening this year Both my parents they have died But … Continue reading

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