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The sickness of the so called fashionable

Clearly a crisis of conscience Exists in this big world today For me incredulity Derision and mockery A sickness exists Actually In Mexico so called designers Clearly their awareness no more Believe it is right to use Insects And go … Continue reading

The Samaritan

I just swept the porch and it was then That I found A little ant had almost drowned Struggling in a broken glass Left on my wall by some silly Arse Who really didnt realise That a wayward ant got … Continue reading


My name Was Eustace Ear wig No I have no ears I have never found them So cant hear a lot my dears i wiggle quite a bit I know Thats why they call me wig Its not because I … Continue reading


The colony and the professor The 10 tonnes of cement Pour it into the ants space And every bit just went Leave it for a month or so To harden and to be Then dig it and expose it For … Continue reading

a story about us told by one of us

  in the wink of an eye though a flea cannot fly we jump too and fro and upwards we go with our resilin force like a ¬†springboard of course we can leap very high which is so often why … Continue reading