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Arrogance and ignorance Corporate profiteering Stealing from the Natural World Is very revealing Ocean going mammals Imprisoned in your pools A world that’s dead in inhumane Remastered by you fools They are steeped in woefulness It’s dead no life abounds … Continue reading

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Centurions excitement

I am sure that young ladies Could be entertained By the sight of centurions Kind of ordained In the clobber of ROME And the shiniest sword As strong as the pasta That each can afford

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Grenfell 4

Seventy two seconds Where nobody spoke A silent march Of the Grenfell folk An evening where solace Was painful and true The people were waiting Hoping that YOU The government The council The cladders Them all The architects The surveyors … Continue reading

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Eyes They are just everywhere Rooted to our brain All seeing on the surface Bulbous slit and in pain Moons in spacial harmony Or pockets of desire Emitting light like crazy And sometimes even fire All sorts of natural colours … Continue reading

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