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It could only be England

Blue Bells and hailstones The realness attested The dandelions roared With their confident smile Without being negative The Hawthorn threw blossom Scented and gorgeous Mile after mile With the fae in the meadows The clocks ticking quietly The breeze sends … Continue reading


Faery land hail drops Orange attire Dark living necklaces Meaningful fire Magickal orbs A melange of soul And with all that light I feel harmony’s role In the art of the moment A pallete of sorts That garner and structure … Continue reading


Existence as we perceive it Mummification apparently Was not the platonic action of the saints That you and me Imagine despite Hammer And the glorious Christopher LEe The bodies wrapped in swaddling And bandaged up you see Essentially were said … Continue reading

True love for all beings

THe arena of life Whose forests we know A warrioress with that kind Of glow A great alder shield In the hustings alone Taking on ignorance That others have sown Some protect all Others turn away Some believe lies And … Continue reading

Claudie of the aradia’s

In the grotto light of Clearwell A damsel dare I say In her beautiful crimson top Such gloriousness dear fae The iron ore rock resplendent As its ancientness devours The darkness offers contemplation And her sweeping powers Love I know … Continue reading

WIllow wonderment

From a twig a simple twig I fell to earth And I could feel The life force It excited me That I could be A Willow Tree In essence absolutely Tangible was I The sap drawn from the River’s edge … Continue reading

The beginnings of a romance with life

a carpet of creativeness Inventiveness Such innovation Faeries with their bonnets glowing Sylph like souls Unique self sowing Welcoming the sunlight Life giver of the whole Extracting subtle colours With a rareness and a role A mouthful of nectar For … Continue reading

Forestra (the players in the orchestra of the forest)

Realness and reality Undeniable fact The fundamental life force And how we all react To the individuality The substance and the sum The enduring the immortal What is a rule of thumb The ballet of the forest All the players … Continue reading

SAtish Kumar and DARTMOOR

From Rajastan Satish came forth in search Of greener climes The thought of death And regaining breath Through the seasons and the times The books he had read of England And its green and pleasant land Of course became a … Continue reading

To me it is proven

The power of the proven The profusion of grace The female persuasion The eternal embrace The love hate desire Of the true female form The felicitous haven Sensuously warm Risen from a womb From a room in a soul The … Continue reading