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In a wee wood

It was just a wee wood With a lushness galore With all sorts of trees And wild flowers and more Some old hazel hedging And brambles to tear A brook and a stream Such a sweet grove to share Several … Continue reading


Dragging ones heart Remembering rainbows Where can my pretty witch be Casting her spells With some sweet little shells Down by the blue of the sea I feel talismanic But I must not panic My unicorn Where can he be … Continue reading

Dr Birute

The worlds true primate angel A scholar of the wild Clearly her enlightenment Begun as a child Her grasp and her awareness A perception of the great Acquaintanceship with the red apes And there can be no debate This women … Continue reading

A summery picnic

AShridge bathed in sunlight An old oak decked in green Subtle hues conflicted views The most magickal of scene On the grass Was laid a sheet Our chairs And an array Of salad dips and olives And what was a … Continue reading

Witchety green

Witchety green From the island of fae Her eye catching verdancy Blew me away Sage and weeping willow Apple and pea Avocado chartreuse Eau-de-nil yes she be Rings on her fingers Raven black hair The heart of a warrior And … Continue reading

Being alone

A cave dwelling soul seeking Goddess laments Looks out at the horizon Using her sixth sense Such paean raptures Under the moon Across a bounteous sea Where she feels so in tune Being alone for some its despair But for … Continue reading

The Minutiae

The fighting men are likened to the termites That we see Scurrying about their world With such legitimacy Enacting all the regulations Following the laws Riding down the valley path And hearing the applause Enchanted by the lilac waves Of … Continue reading


to the fictional shadows Where wisdom and need Where the anticipation Of predators feed The great forboding The prophetic eye That looks down on each night From its place in the sky The great flow of energy The oracle who … Continue reading


Matilde and Lisa two faeries I knew They danced where the toadstools and Mushroom rings grew With magickal enchantments some Mortals can see And are often bewitched by their curious qi The souls of the plant kingdom cometh and they … Continue reading

Logging and what it really means

Logging opens up space It casts our minds back where The forests rampant in its green Seemed to attack despair Every inch of every where Was created and achieved a balance and Gaia was there And I just felt relieved … Continue reading