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Stone Henge

Come with me be wild and free The Druid orders constancy Robed and well Each ancestral spell Cast diligently The great plain we see The chalk below And earthworks deem Well trodden paths Where rituals seem The ancient emboldened corvidae … Continue reading

Digital hunters the utmost in cowardice

The inevitable is happening In what is a sick and awful world The hunters who I view of with reluctance And unwillingness for where they have been hurled A shuddering loathing need Of murdering animals I grimace, at the thought … Continue reading

Babies unwanted, Egregious

7 billion male chicks Are slaughtered every year Some with inept gas its true But most the conveyor of fear As males cannot lay eggs They are the innocent that must die Chirping very joyously To the macerator, high Chattering … Continue reading

The Night Stalker

Two decades on death row San Quentin his spot It was Cancer that ended his Reign and he got The seed of the Devil Inside him and he Lived with his thoughts For his eternity The City of Angels The … Continue reading

Trunyan an Island in Bali

An island where the death are laid Ephemerality Alone perhaps the eternal rest An open cemetery Not buried Left to lie at rest With eyes no longer seeing The sky above A phantom state An epitaphic being Relics of those … Continue reading

My dear friend Alan

You were alone When it happened Resolute, dreaming perhaps A lapse to the norm Just feeling warm A solution the kind that just wraps Itself in a limbo of being Oblivious almost of things Abstracted and taken Away in that … Continue reading

Cameroon’s most precious resource

We are selling ourselves short What is an irreverence The great aged forests Priceless if sold Trees of great age And a wealth of wild treasures Gifted by the gods And right off the page When It comes to wonders … Continue reading

To three of my friends the willing the courageous warriors

To Ann to Kat to Lash Three willing warrior souls Nurses with dispositions With totally leaning roles Whose eagerness to serve to care, to love, really to be Totally dedicated to work ungrudgingly The nation is in lockdown Such violence … Continue reading


Don’t pain yourself By how you feel My darling sister I can reveal A humbleness a tranquility That feels like it’s washing over me. A journey beckons, and so I Have integrity, and I can fly Unsullied dear by those … Continue reading

Clutching at straws

We sit together Whilst all around The crackling heat The dry parched ground Such bad theatre No dialogue The final curtain Perhaps the dog And the primates cower The Indigenous too The tragedy Is coming true Impersonating The acrobat The … Continue reading


In the Uttarakhand state of India Thirty feet wide and six feet deep A high altitude glacial lake exists At the bottom of mountains steep In 1942 a British Forest Guard Stumbled on the lake and took a look The … Continue reading

Those poor pigs

A farm in Wales That truly pales Into neglect and horror they Extinguished the good And so rarely should Have created a life A meaningless place A senseless cell Filth and disgrace Bedlam and a chaotic state Unruly and lawless … Continue reading


Seventy two souls Came back floating Grenfell must have happened two Years ago There but for the grace of god The story true A fire washed everywhere Wiped out floor after floor The cladding there Was a death trap Not … Continue reading


Skulduggery exists The perfidiousness creates The frame-up of the century Such Hypocrisy conflates Truthfulness and honour With the sanctimonious way Of misquoting and misinforming And making people pay Inventing pure falsehoods Wholly insincere Betrayal and duplicity So prophetic and so … Continue reading

It’s coming to binefar in Huesca

In pursuit of profits Whilst relinquishing good sense Filing away compassion and the real suspense A slaughterhouse is coming And death trusts everyday 3 million pigs will be slaughtered Every year or so they say Increasing up to double that … Continue reading

The silent scream

The last soliloquy At a point Of lesser evils than before A balladeer of ocean currents A sonneteer of expressed fear Landed from a net of nylon Packed in ice and thrust upon A fine display of ocean fishes But … Continue reading

The sickness of ocean users

We have seen the beginning How long to the end The emergence of madness The countdown my friend The embryonic nature of man The light of day And our wonderful plan The end time is coming Hearts ceasing eyes closing … Continue reading

The most terrifying poem ever written

Mother writhing Slaughtered for The burger joint Yea up the street The the “cow and burger”a great place Where plastic plates and bottles greet The frantic dossers Wanting more Beef the grief For evermore With lots of lettuce All of … Continue reading

A passing

The concept of the loss of someone Hacks into the heart Whether an animal understands the finality To start Analysing grief As a palpable concern For me is without substance But I feel that I learn From animals that grieving … Continue reading

Gaza from a childs point of view

For children living now There is no future Life is day to day And nothing more Annihilation The destruction of your way of life All around you really blood and gore Unimaginable horror At your bedside Nightmares are the stories … Continue reading

I was not there

I was not there But have woken up To the carnage of that day It was swept into my psyche Leaving us all to pay Regard to the heroism And the hatred everywhere I woke up screaming to myself I … Continue reading


We all have different given names Its repetition that we know It reminds us of our destiny And within that name we grow I was known as “Presley” The King of rock and roll I learned to move my body … Continue reading


PARIS A city engulfed in blood Tonight behold an evil flood Of terrorist activity Planned and administered wickedly Repulsiveness and great clouds Of woe A disfigurement a haggard flow Of evil struck down One by one The BATACLAN hostages were … Continue reading

Jetsum of our own wrath

In the salty wrath of the ocean Tousled bodies lie Children full of hope and joy There before us die Why we ask ourselves those of us Caring of these scenes Because we interfered with them We used our grand … Continue reading

The after life

When our animals cross over Do you know where they go To a sort of animal heaven Or there is nothing to show For their own sweet incarnation They came to teach us, we Can learn so very much from … Continue reading

Suicides why could it be an option for returning war hero’s

Imagine the torture of each human soul what goes on out there beyond our control what the eyes see the heart can’t contain what the mind knows only, the insane can imagine the hurt can live with this woe can … Continue reading

War torn Syria one awful story of passion and woe

Imagine a world turn completely around a boy and his mum and dad and what we’ve found is both of his parents have died its too much to come to terms really and really as such he sleeps tween their … Continue reading

A rather sinister sad story of Greece and how its affecting the people there

A women in Athens had not enough money she needed to bury her brother who’d died it was terribly hot and with no air conditioning she had to leave his corpse there by her side he died on the Saturday … Continue reading

Was it magic was it tragic was it all in vain

leaving loved one’s Continue reading

Short poem

I ‘ve never been a heavy sleeper up till that day Continue reading