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Philip Hasco

A trader Whose eager Helpful and caring He rang me today Well disposed to sharing His time He was patient And willing to be Instrumental In sorting stuff Now out for me Mr Catalyst Bitcoin Effective was he Steadfast his … Continue reading


Despite viral threats And of course the five g The Patiots march in France Where we see The black leather aggressors Walking backwards away From the people with flags On this greyish March day Drums, spoken voices Macrons picture and … Continue reading

ZUFA Northwood Hills.

It encompasses a footprint From a bygone age A part of the Mohafazah of North Lebanon Each page representing Tannourine a magical And enchanted space Close by great Cedar forests Where wild angels found their place Where Eagles fly and … Continue reading

Mary Borgstrom

A potter and an Artist A need to excavate A mindful glimpse through history A medieval gait To primitive beginnings The Bygone forgotten days Retroactive thinking And all the many ways She was part of Nature Respecting each event An … Continue reading

Snobbery murders

So many untruths And downright lies Surround the grouse moors No surprise The callous way The wild souls With their lives All pay Its snobbery Its fabrication Shooters Yes a delegation The glorious twelth Or so its called Hatched concocted … Continue reading

Terminology that’s turned the tables on us all

I think we have to question the terminology which has shaken the Sea Shepherd adopting the strategy of pirates in their marketing they are never pirates they are reasonable and caring souls committed to saving the day for all of … Continue reading

The importance of the Mentor

Join Toastmasters its where it all happens Continue reading

Victoria Park Toastmasters club website

Thanks to Russell Bailey and Allan Burt who allowed me to introduce myself to the club
and to enjoy 4 very special sessions with you all Continue reading