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His curse

Angels are susceptible To the vagaries of those Voracious drooling sons of Disrespect and how it shows Up in night time squalor Wicked as can be Transgressing every honour And integrity Duplicit in their thinking Artful by desire To take … Continue reading

To me it is proven

The power of the proven The profusion of grace The female persuasion The eternal embrace The love hate desire Of the true female form The felicitous haven Sensuously warm Risen from a womb From a room in a soul The … Continue reading

It’s now Sarah Collins RudolphsTime

Time is something everybody shares Time after time of course time waits for no one it can and it helps us climb it tears pieces out of all of us and soulfully can blot sometimes in us, it festers though … Continue reading

Flying with the donkey in the mountains( Inspired by thoughts of my friend Rajah Bannerjee

a thought one gets looking down the mountains Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Contemplative piece when looking into the mirror in my room in the Holiday Inn Melaka Continue reading