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Salmon farmed v salmon wild

Salmon farming arrogance They all knew from day ONE Crowding salmon into pools Whe each day was do done Clearly it was ignorant And stupid as could be Making money is t funny When the world can see Chaos and … Continue reading

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What makes people want to go and shoot wild animals at night Using lamping thats a rifle with a big bright light Normally 3 people go a driver spotter shooter who Having permission from the land owner then do what … Continue reading

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A chimpanzee has made her plea

Us chimpanzee’s Live in the trees Thats of course until You want your soft white toilet paper Or palm oil Then the thrill For all of you Sweet humans With The forest our delight But you employ the loggers And … Continue reading

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Your zoo is a prison cell thats all

Evidence of intuition Demonstrating our frustration Our doubtfulness and obscurity Of the human beings reasons to Leave us in these vile enclosures We are not goldfish and what we do Is suspend our judgement for our dilemma Really our fallibility … Continue reading

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Tobacco you can keep it

There was never any reason to do this Continue reading

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