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The macaques of Lop Buri

Is It because of corvid 19 And no tourists anymore The macaques are doing battle With the temple troop And what’s more Talking to the monkeys They are gearing up for war No one around to feed them And frustration … Continue reading


Since the global pandemic Edicts from the top When will they bring out The heavy squad The gestapo types no doubt another way to crop us all Our freedom to flout And although it’s just a few Most of us … Continue reading

The old lattice fence

I am rather broken and do look my age Having withstood the winds Who came at me with rage But Viburnam and Jasmine They do Bolster me And help me regain The spirit to be Earnest and willing To Strengthen … Continue reading

Lockdown anomalies 3

The wonderful PLODS of Buxton Their iniative was great Stopping the dog walkers Will seemingly create A wonderful lockdown story For they decided to Put black dye in the turquoise water To dissuade dog walkers, who Come up there to … Continue reading

Lockdown anomalies 2

Councils are now noting The selfish are about They believe no one will notice And the rules they just will flout With tips shut down And bins near shops They will do their thing Leave their crap just anywhere All … Continue reading