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Draft horses live exports

The untruthfulness and mendacity The deception that we see Horses shipped from the US to Canada They be Loaded into crates at night And then air shipped to Japan To fulfil to the raw horse sashimi trade That is needful … Continue reading

A mahogany bull from Brazil

Unconscious and impassive Insensitive and numb Negligent and spiritless A coarseness that has some Of us feeling sick inside our Stomachs when we see How animals must suffer And how it seems to be gabriel was a mahogany bull Raised … Continue reading

Precious eyes

A coarseness on a magnitude Of passionless desire Inscrutable and unseeing A frigid heart of fire An obtuseness and stupidity A total lack of care Predisposed to anger And just being unfair Live exports an anathema A prison on the … Continue reading

Sledgehammering the ultimate patriarchal dissent

A running sore within my heart Are Australians who feel Its right to export females Despite what we reveal Born on Australian farms we be Then shipped across the salty sea To Vietnam for slaughter Where a serpents tooth there … Continue reading


Prisoners, we create so many From animals who once were wild The elephants chained to a wall Fully grown but as a child Looking sad and so frustrated Beaten when it suits until Once they were happy in their jungle … Continue reading


In Vietnam the slaughterhouses adopt a vile technique Sledge hammering a beautiful cow Healthy and at her peak So that human so called beings can chew upon their meat Having stolen all their precious milk Everyday of every week Their … Continue reading

Vietnam no thank you

Born in Australia Land of the sun Off to Vietnam Thats what they have done Our lives are controlled By men who believe We are best suited To bloody well leave The land of our birth The place where we … Continue reading

50,000 as many as that

From Timuru to Mexico And it takes 16 days A journey of a lifetime Not worthy of praise Aboard a ship and loading 50,000 souls New Zealand helping Mexico To score a few more goals This is a massive export … Continue reading

Live exports and Australia

Adelaide was listening to the Words of Philip Wollen Giving them some welly On the live export debate The illegality and obscenity Of the wicked on the innocent The guilty the reprehensible The unforgivable of late Australia is wicked It’s … Continue reading


Its a pity that the Dover port finds its is needful for the shipment of live animals with cruelty at their core 2000 or so per shipment back out to Calais and onward to wherever really makes it pay shipments … Continue reading