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Fighting for African Animals

Fighting for Africa’s animals Writing and posting each day And seeing canned hunting Murdering Lions And African farmers Who prey On Mistaken and so naive hunters Absorbing deceit everyday They Travel and murder the caged ones lions, duped and drugged … Continue reading

Can you hear them roaring.?

London’s roaring Freedoms Freedom All these awful Lockdowns Are Bone and muscel Such a tussle Everyone a star Rings of cops Sirens blazing This is London Its a war This is for real For those who feel The anguish pain … Continue reading

Victims of Hunters

The internet Safari’s They advertise And tell Hunters who want Holidays Which do amount to Hell For animals in Africa Living where they were put The wilderness the landscape Its out there underfoot Here is one bold feline A cat … Continue reading

THe Poachers of Kerala

Kerala is establishing a bad name So I hear Torturing elephants poaching Bison IT iS very clear Us ANIMAL rights around the world Are noticing the trend The Indians are cruel and vile And it better end six killed a … Continue reading

Southern Africa and its horrible trade with China

Animals and China what they eat and kill ignorance is commonplace The  blood that many spill  in their own lives Meat Eaters,, Fish Eaters and the rest buying corporation foods is simply not the  best   China sees the elephant … Continue reading

Poachers at work

A Nature Reserve In South Africa Suffered an incident where 8 lions were poisoned Using toxic meat And died in the vilest despair Poachers then removed their paws And their jaws “Muti” the reason believed In Zulu it’s medicine A … Continue reading

The kiss shared

Dismissive and disrespectful Of an acknowledged king The mighty Lion the jungle lord Who to his world doth bring A most majestic influence Commanding great respect With true survivability That hunters now deflect A couple on a mission Lovers can … Continue reading

Lion bone trade

The Kings of the jungle Apparently they Get so little respect anymore We can say The trade in their bones Is a vindictive game Of relentless spite How can we claim To be fair and humane In all that we … Continue reading


CErtainly Ignorantly Test the Evil shits The trade in Lions continues And trophy hunting fits Clearly on the table Where the hunters do their thing The international trade in Lions Has that peculiar ring About it but we understand Bones … Continue reading

Captive Lions

The predicament they are facing In historic terms must be The most serious threat to the jungle king Then most around can see Their freedom at an all time low Their paradise is gone And man unkind is on their … Continue reading

The Mapogo Lions

Six brothers formed the Mapogo Pride In Sabi Sands Reserve Each was a massive muscled soul With so much strength and nerve Leading such a charmed life Heading this great pride Confident these custodians Which nobody has denied Impregnable invulnerable … Continue reading

Blood lions the movie

The film is a good one And the fearlessness shown ON booking a place With canned hunting Full blown To have the audacity The boldness the strain To partner the drama And really to gain An insight directly On the … Continue reading

Some saw it as an opportunity to make a killing

The arrogance of the canned hunt team And the ignorance of those Who come in fact to support them And this phenomena grows Its of course self perpetuating Wherever money is made And the animals are wasted For into their … Continue reading

Grace Mugabe and her take on Cecil

So Mugabe’s wife has has told us all That Cecil was lured and killed and actually that was good He paid a massive bounty for the experience So actually he did all that he could As far as she is … Continue reading

Cecils law

Brian May the badger man Queens guitarists and wild life fan With lots of hair And energy And of course a spot in history When Cecil took that fatal shot Lured out of the park By the hunting lot The … Continue reading

Jericho and Cecil

Animal earthlings they all have souls They all have feeling too They have feelings for other earthling breeds More so than me or you Ego’s and mass coercion A corporate numbing exists Through our air our water and our food … Continue reading

Walter palmer y?

Why did Cecil have to die? To be tortured for 40 hours To cry His heart out, whilst the World just slept And its not as if he was not adept To living with his family, he Was a collared … Continue reading

The murdering scum

River bluff dental Bushman safari’s These are the selfish Men who will Pay those high end contract rates Just so they can kill Wild created animal earthlings Miracles today No hunter ever created life Only destroyed it they Are insentient … Continue reading

Out of body experience

40 hours of agony Of plangency and woe Of tearfulness and dolefulness Of just wanting to go Far away from my family From the park where I belong Into the darkest forest My bellyache so strong Such joylessness so dispirited … Continue reading

Walter palmer and his mutilation of Cecil

The photograph before my eyes Sends shivers through my brain To do this to the Jungle King You would have to be insane What vile disgraceful butchers What disrespectful sods What dire humiliation Insulting all the gods That ever looked … Continue reading

Cecil and his family

The improbity and the lack of conscience fogged the whole affair The indifference of the hunters so detached so unaware The complicity and unfaithfulness,its true chicanery They are totally unprincipled and they seal their infamy They lose contact with humanity … Continue reading

Star Signs and the evil dentist

The stars are coming out for Cecil Clearly he had become A personality in his own right And his killing it does numb Those of us who felt his spirit And Those stars who truly care Like the saint who … Continue reading

Customers of the evil dentist

A dentist of all people A carer so to say By being his customers The profit he does pay These rotters out in Africa With all the vile dark games To lure wild lions From protection So no matter what … Continue reading


Anyone who can machine gun pigs from an aeroplane And then support a hunter whose done wrong Has got to get a ticket to the hell we are sending him to For its clear to me these two just don’t … Continue reading

All lions deserve better

A National Park offers freedom Free born free bred and heart whole This was special Lion 13 years old A wonderful spirit and soul A master of all his surroundings The king of his jungle was he Untrammelled unshackled uncurbed … Continue reading

When we are worth more dead than alive humanity has lapsed

We live here We were born here We are the kings it’s true You have cut down all our jungle So what are we to do? Go away and die somewhere Is that your little game Africa is Lion country … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and Chinese workers who work there

Mining agriculture and construction Thats what China really does around here Zimbabwe really needs inward investment And the local people really they are clear They need some money in their pots to live on And Chinese workers have a lot … Continue reading

China’s broth fit for healing

China’s been hoodwinked Those black marketeers full of untruths and a sack full of tears Full on, two faced Using far too much guile And They Don’t use much effort And even less style Tigers have all been torn up … Continue reading

The canned hunting cowards

The roar of the kings and the queens On the prowl Are we about to throw in the towel Let these corrupt people sell Out those souls The iconic wild ones With outstanding roles The lions are the voice Of … Continue reading

Just another dead Lion

Just another dead Lion just look at me long I used to be king I used to be strong   The jungle was my self claimed kingdom until the human tribe came and my blood they did spill   in … Continue reading