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Hunting is good for the environment or so they say

To me this is an absurdity An extravagant premise A fatuous suggestion An assertion drawing bliss To the great hunting fraternity To the gun shops and of course All those hunting accessories That profit margins force Some to feel create … Continue reading

The african leopards

No matter how important the panther is we see Hunters and farmers and the commercial world now So threateningly Abusing them for their skins and so creating a saddened state Where panthers are being slaughtered at an alarming rate South … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and Chinese workers who work there

Mining agriculture and construction Thats what China really does around here Zimbabwe really needs inward investment And the local people really they are clear They need some money in their pots to live on And Chinese workers have a lot … Continue reading

The leopards eats ocean wrasse in his fresh water swimming poo

It’s a sickness Of man unkind An alienation To pure lunacy A cretinism Bound out of a way To finance more profit On any day Nothing is natural It doesn’t exist Just utter confusion From that they enlist A creative … Continue reading

The Leopard left it’s mark

He is crying like some baby 7 guns at least And only one wild Leopard Hunted here, this handsome beast 7 trophy hunters With guns propelling steel The Leopard takes a bullet Then charges Yea How does that feel His … Continue reading

If I am going to die you are going to feel it

We arrogantly go into the wild Where the wild ones live There they were created And there of course they give A Good account of themselves And if we go to try And shoot them and to kill them And … Continue reading

Facebook steps into the Kendall Jones story

Facebook has removed the canned hunt photographs Kendall Jones made no bones about her quest to rid the world of Lions and Leopards Rhino’s Hippo’s Buffalo’s and really do it with her youthful zest hoping to have a hunting show … Continue reading

Big game Hunters of the canned trophy variety

A beaming smile thats off the dial a Leopard a Lion a Rhino a cheerleader one Kendall Jones its all about what  a great hunter she is youthful with fantastic bones     its all about kudos from this youthful … Continue reading

Canned and Trophy Hunters Marches

    Getting our message across to people under a blue sky Trafalgar Square played host to us and you may ask us why   so many hearts and minds descended on this iconic square to demonstrate our love for … Continue reading

A close look at a Leopard as to why she appears so prevalent still (despite man)

The Leopard is an adaptable and wily predator she’s secretive and knowledgeable to boot she normally patrols and area of10 sq miles and dressed in what is her mottled suit which offers her a great system of camouflage and a … Continue reading