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Unadulterated fear As far as the eyes can see The heat that’s coming at us Being felt by me An agony where all I know Is rapidly no more All the trees The birds and bees Are in an unholy … Continue reading


They are really going through the mill For Australia believes It’s wildlife are now very frail Industry achieves A lot more than the animals Gifted to the land The Koala is one of those gifts Which some don’t understand They … Continue reading

Wild life casualties everywhere

farming from imported stock Is ignorant indeed Cattle and sheep compact The ground Destruction of the seed The plants that otherwise Would grow and retain The moisture for Those wild souls really miracles its so wrong to ignore They do … Continue reading

Aunty Ro Mudjin a pal o’ mine

The existence of creation The importance of its worth The undeniable history Played around Mother Earth The immortal the enduring The sum and substance we Share with the perpetual The complex and the free Tangible and solid Grounded everywhere Heartbreaking … Continue reading

Gangarru (honour and respect)

Respect is sadly lacking For Creation and beyond The philosophy of existence The realness and the bond We have with factuality Our great mother for she And her enduring priciples Are perpetually Reminding us totemism Is linked to dreamtime and … Continue reading

The iconic Koala and its fate

It was to be a secret A pretty horrible one Victoria in Australia Do you know what they have done This furry little darling That was suffering a lot right across Australia Happy they are not The logging firms are … Continue reading

Koala (Dharug gula) shared with animals australia

Do you know what its like to be an industry casualty? Do you know what its like to be pulled out of a tree Do you know what its like to crash down into the litter Do you know what … Continue reading


Australia has really got to get itself in gear its making strange decisions affecting the folk born here yea we’re small I give you that and of course we live in trees we are your arboreal cousins we are trying … Continue reading