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Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading


Boring degenerates Such incoherence To truth and humanity Doubletalk they With their weasely words And their cruel expectations Their banging boats Leave Taiji everyday Concealed in their soul urge Untruths and deception Underhand dealings And furtive desire To trap pods … Continue reading

Dolphins the most intelligent

The dolphins have intelligence More so than the Japanese Who abuse them In huge numbers The target figures squeeze Banging boats and a driven pods Hand harpooning too The porpoise and the bottle nose Suffer yes they do The Japanese … Continue reading

Japan at the crossroads

Is it lack of intelligence Or vacuousness that Japan Is going through now Huge dead flesh eating Country knowing what it does The environmental impact Is terrible the buzz in cities That of cellular Agriculture And That would save colossal … Continue reading

Pirate whaling

Japan has told the IWC That they can go to Hell Whaling is their culture And tradition And they sell Whale meat to their people Who clamour for it they Love the whale fluke sushi And eat it come what … Continue reading

For a culture to be

For a culture to be Not an absurdity But decorum and grace And a classical space For a culture to be Adopted Taiji With artlessness Brimming And impropriety This is never a culture Traditionally To hunt down and murder With … Continue reading

Taiji and the murdering and slavery

Their perceptivity and awareness Their telepathy and thought Compared to the Taiji fishermen And whatever they purport To imagine in their psyche Compared to the dolphins they Are unconscious obtuse morons Who dont know the time of day These murdering … Continue reading

Broome’s deceptiveness 1

With deceptiveness now wildfire In the annuls of the pure They compromise their energies And come up with the cure The mirage and the mockery The falsenness the deceit Supporting the great whalers Who are anything but discreet Their love … Continue reading

Takifugu or little puffer fish

The reef is full of life Thats multi coloured Conspicuous in every single way In Japan there is a puffer fish Tiny and hardly noticed Just very plain although this I can say I am sure deep down he wants … Continue reading

Winter in Berkhamsted at 3.21pm

There is light in the sky this afternoon Streams of grey and cream The sun is breaking through the cloud Assembling its gleam A stillness, branches sleeping Rooves still decked in snow The Rosemary recovering From the onslaught a while … Continue reading

Aesthetics of Japan and how they deal with it in Taiji

Regulariy Rhythmical A harmony of sorts Transient its natures way Of contemplating thoughts The ocean And its inhabitants An integral part of life Taiji and its fisherfolk Set to,to harbour strife The true wholeness of nature The ethic that abounds … Continue reading

Research painted on whaling ships

The Japanese push science Painting research on their ships And harpooning the precious whales On their living trips Through the Southern Ocean Where Australia should be Putting in an appearence But its not something we see At the IWC they … Continue reading

“Swann and shadow lovers of life”

Our pod was swimming merrily Off the coast of Japan I was with my mother she was my life time fan My goddess and my mentor creation brought her to me Undeniably a friend for life and someone who could … Continue reading


How can you live in that space you create In your minds eye will you now contemplate TAIJI and the DOLPHINS the families and pods The misrepresentation to all of its gods The juveniles murdered The pretty one’s sold Slavery … Continue reading

An appeal from one dolphin

I am just one dolphin And the absurdity And ineptitude of Driving all of us My family tree Into the cove at TAIJI Slaughtering a few Driving some babies back to where they came from Yes its true Without their … Continue reading

Taiji’s fisherman and trophy hunters

There’s a wave of discontent with those Of us who are sick and tired Of being so respectful Of the fisherman I am fired Up with them They listen to nobody at all They are a bunch of violators Who … Continue reading

TAIJI ‘s ultimate arrogance Neptune ‘s edict

The species known as Dolphins Have free will and they be A species of their very own They are not our property That they swim in seas around us Doesn’t make them ours And we Must realise this concept Not … Continue reading

Frog sashimi

The willingness to commit A soul to agony Gratuitously to look upon A way Of maintaining the energy of the living With the so called skills Of death, and by display Creating what we see A kind of stupor An … Continue reading